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 I was hired as a secretary in my workplace 15 years ago. Now I have a new boss and she's made changes and long
story short, she wants me to be the receptionist as well as the secretary, but as I am quite shy, I am not your ideal receptionist and now she wants to fire me. We are not well off and that's ...

 I'm thinking about becoming a paralegal, can someone who is a current paralegal tell me your typical work day?
Calling all paralegals (especially those under 30yrs old, because I'm 24), please tell me your personal experience as a paralegal. I.E. bad days at work, mean boss, lawyer egos. Please dumb it ...

 Should I tell a potential employer I'm not available?
I have a 2nd interview with a company. I have an upcoming trip (planned and paid for last year, airline tickets, hotels, etc) Should I wait till I get an offer to mention that I won't be ...

 How do I file a wrongful termination claim?
I feel I was wrongfully terminated with the last job I had, I believe I was racially discriminated against and discriminated against due to the fact of me being a stutterer/having a speech ...

 Supervisor who bullies secretaries at a law firm?
Here is what happened: The secretarial supervisor bullies me from June 2008 to August 2008 by walking by my desk, giving belligerent stares. August 2008 I get a yearly review on my work performance....

 Termination Question?
My company has less than 50 employees so they are not covered by the FMLA but our payroll is outsourced and my employer of record (on W-2’s and all) does have more than 50 employees.


 If were laid off can they refill your position the next day isnt they a law towards that?
Ive worked for the company for 3 years, and they laid me off I then discovered they refilled my position the next day, I feel that it was because of my high wage and because i have a child under 6 I ...

 Confused for job help me!?
I 'm wondering if i can work at a retailer which i can but my concern is age coz i'm 13 turning 14 in about 2 weeks time will they accept me also i'm too tall for my age so will the ...

 Can a shy person become a lawyer?

 An at will employee (paralegal) blows the whistle?
If a paralegal who is an at will employee blows the whistle on an unethical act an attorney committed is it legal for the attorney to fire the paralegal or would they be protected by the whistle ...

 Is it legal for a manager to keep the tip left by a customer off of a comped check?
Last night the manager at my restaurant comped a $250.00 bill because the customers husband had passed away the night before and their food took one hour. It was an extremely busy night and they were ...

 Can my job force me to work on my days scheduled off?
Can they? Will I get in trouble for not returning the call?...

 As an employer can I reduce an employee's wages to minimum wage if they fail to give a 2 week notice?
I work at a company that is an "at will" employer. We have them sign a policy upon employment that states failure to give a 2 week notice will result in their hourly wage being reduced to ...

 Can a boss fire one of his best employees for sleeping with the boss's wife? is this legal?

 Hi! I want to set up a legal transcription business but don't know how to start. Can anyone help me please?
What equipment do I need? What skills are needed? Where do I find clients? How do I get paid?...

 Do they have to pay me my raise since the day I stared my new job?
Okay so at work I was told I would get a promotion over 3 months ago. I patiently waited as they said there was all this paperwork and what not to be done first. They told me it was a paygrade ...

 Can your job take back your vacation ?
I put in for my vacation They approved it. . we have 3 staff. one got fired, they took back my vacation and told me I cant go on it until we get a new girl. i think if we had a union they couldent do ...

 Am I irrational for despising multi-tasking as much as i do? Should there be labor laws banning multitasking?

When i had an office job, i would get 100 emails a day, and then these people would call me on the phone, tell me to open their email they just send, look at the picture or Excel spreadsheet, ...

 Pay query: where can I found out if this is legal?
We have recently received our back pay. The company and union finally agreed on a 4% increase but only back dated to June. I am not in the union. Apparently the pay has been worked out but if ...

 Former Employer will not pay Final Paycheck?
worked for a company from Jan 28, 08 and was let go Wed May 7, 08. I did not have direct deposit so my check always came in the mail and was there on Wednesdays. The day I was let go my check would ...

Do I have to pay back a relocation allowance to my employer even though it is not in my contract?
I joined a new company about a year ago and they paid me a "relocation allowance". This was primarily to cover an existing clawback/debt from my previous employer. They called it a "relocation allowance" in order to claim a tax deduction.

They gave me an "offer letter" which stated that I would be paid a "relocation allowance" and said I would have to pay it back if I left them before being promoted. I did not sign this letter. I only signed an employment contract which does not mention the "relocation allowance".

Do I have to pay this amount back on the strength of the offer letter?

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Big Bear
Yes. If it's in the offer letter. That's where it is considered legal and a binding agreement. You took the job after all.

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Emily Dew
You probably should get the advice of a lawyer here considering that they undoubtedly have lawyers on the payroll just waiting for something to do. Regardless, refusing to pay it, playing the "I never signed that" card or threatening them with legal action is not a good way to start a successful career with an employer. You might want to think of this in terms of winning the battle vs. losing the war. Perhaps you can offer to pay half. If they insist on the whole thing being paid back, your options are to 1) pay it, 2) seek legal action or 3) find a new job.

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Princess Leia
Does the employment contract state that the letter they sent re: relocation allowance is part of the contract? I find it hard to believe that they would simply write that off, especially since it was used to pay a debt YOU had from your prior employer.

I agree with the first poster that you have several options: (1) pay the entire amount back [try making a payment plan]; (2) negotiate to pay a lesser amount; (3) or hire an attorney. You need to realize, though, that attorneys are not cheap and if you sue and lose, your employment contract may state that you are responsible for the employer's attorneys' fees (many do).

You also need to realize that you will be blackballed by this company and if it's large and/or influential, it can probably have you blackballed in the industry as well.

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