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Do I have a case? I was injured at work, lost my profession of 11yrs due to the injury. Can't ever go back...
I was injured at work 2 years ago. I have had surgery which did not fix my problem and in fact made things worse. I will never be able to return to my profession of 11yrs. I am not trained in anything else. I have never worked in a office or with computers and I am unable to use my dominate right arm.
I now have the beginnings of RSD with my Radial Nerve Damage.
PLEASE do not say that I can go back or do something like I did, I am not capable of writing let alone doing the detailed work I used to do.
My question is : Do I have a case against my employer (a large corporation) from creating the situation in which I was injured?
I am not into these big crazy lawsuits but, I am a single mother who is now unable to use my dominate arm, I am in chronic pain and the dr's say there are no signs that I will improve.
If I were able to get enough money to help us survive for a while untill I was able to find soem way to get back on my feet I'd be happy.
Or is this something worth more?
Additional Details
I have been getting workers comp, there has been no disputing my injury from them and we have had no trouble.
My injury occured while at work doing my job. I hope that gives a small bit of extra info.

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I think the the WC nurse is giving you good advice about not letting some lawyer get your money. I think it's time to file for SSI. It will take at least six months to get approved, but with the documentation you have, it shouldn't be difficult to qualify. Eventually the WC will stop and you'll need to get a disability check to carry you through long term if your arm is not going to improve. WC will most likely settle at a some point and give you a substantial check. Invest it for income - don't be tempted to go on a spending spree because once it's gone, you'll get nothing else for future medical costs.

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If you have had damage from a work situation which doctors say you will not recover, it is time to consult a fair lawyer who understands this type of injury law. You were injured on the company premises? You must follow through for your own benefit . Consult with someone you can trust to see which lawyer would take the case and do justice by it. Stay away from the lawyer who does much TV advertising.

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You don't really give enough info for anyone, even someone knowledgeable, to answer you.

Are you getting worker's comp, or did you?

This sounds like something you should talk to a lawyer about. Since it was two years ago you might have given up some rights by now.

Good luck.

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Sherry C
(I am not an attorney)

I just need some additional information. Have you been getting worker's comp the whole two years? Have you been at work in a light duty position at all? Have you been released from the doctor? Can you be trained to do a different job? Has the doctor put a percentage on how disabled your are? What state are you in, the laws are different from state to state

There is probably a cap on the amount of money you can collect from the worker's comp insurance company.

FYI - Who do you think the Worker's Comp Nurse works for.., the insurance company of course, not you.

***Since you have spoken with a few attorneys and they don't want to take your case you may not have one. You said that workman's comp was not giving you any trouble. That's because they want to keep you happy. What were you doing to get this injury.? It is true that you will have to prove that they were negligent in someway or another. If not then your best bet is to try to settle out your claim and apply for permanent disability with the social security administration. I don't know how old you are but there is a government program that rehabilitates disabled workers and trains them in other fields of work. It really depends on the percentage that your are disabled.

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Princess Leia
I'm not sure what attorney you spoke with, but if you are injured at work, worker's compensation is the EXCLUSIVE remedy for the injured employee in California.


which says "Employees are entitled to receive prompt, effective medical treatment for on-the-job injuries no matter who was at fault and, in return, are prevented from suing their employers over those injuries."

So, you have no separate cause of action for negligence. If you were to file a lawsuit for negligence - or any other claim - it would be dismissed because of the exclusive remedy of workers' compensation.

It sounds like you have an active case with workers' compensation (Division of Workers' Compensation). Is that correct?

If you want to pursue a lawsuit and are unable to find an attorney, then I suggest you file a lawsuit in propria persona (pro per) - representing yourself - before the statute of limitations runs out. Maybe you have a case against the company (not your employer) who designed your work-station/equipment (don't know since you don't actually say what caused the injury).

See also:

A. Workers' comp insurance provides six basic benefits:

* Medical care: Paid for by your employer to help you recover from an injury or illness caused by work
* Temporary disability benefits: Payments if you lose wages because your injury prevents you from doing your usual job while recovering
* Permanent disability benefits: Payments if you don't recover completely
* Supplemental job displacement benefits (if your date of injury is in 2004 or later): Vouchers to help pay for retraining or skill enhancement if you don't recover completely and don't return to work for your employer
* Vocational rehabilitation (if your date of injury is before 2004): Job placement counseling and possibly retraining if you are unable to return to your old job and your employer doesn't offer other work
* Death benefits: Payments to your spouse, children or other dependents if you die from a job injury or illness.

It seems like your claim has already been accepted.

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