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john s
Coming off Job Seekers Allowance, when do I do it?
I have been offered a job, but I won't be paid for a month, do I stop claiming JSA WHEN i'm paid or when I start work?
It seems more logical to do it when I get paid in a month but the law is not always logical, any advice here?
Additional Details
p.s, that Spook bloke is a complete dick head, if he knew my situation he wouldn't be saying that! grow up you infant.

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come off it as soon as you start work you scrounging git

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jenny s
hi i was in same situation and they advised me to stay on as i hadnt got any money from job then end when first payment from job is received.

its logical.

best of luck and well done on new job!!!

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ross x
Tell the DHSS when the job is about to start. You can still claim benefits for the frist month, it will be classed as a crisis loan and you will have to pay it back, but if you agree to stay off benefits for 5 wks you will also be due a £100 bonus for signing off. I did all this 2 1/2 mths ago. You will also be able to claim the first mths rent as long as you have been on JSA for 26 wks.

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Nosey parker
You need to tell the job centre you have had a job offer. Tell them the start date and when you will be paid.

Also so you get all your tax allowances you will have to let them know. With a little bit of luck they will pay you your benefit until you first paycheck.

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You will stop being paid JSA when you start working. Before I started my current job I was claiming benefits - I took the offer letter with me when I went to sign on and the staff sorted out all the paperwork there and then, I received my last JSA payment 3 weeks before I got paid.

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your job seekers ends on the day your contract is signed, and thing after this and you will have to pay them back, you might be able to get a credit to help you the rest of the month, or ask for a loan off your work till the end of the month xx

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I would get some advice from the job centre as if you carry on claiming and get caught there could be penalites.........i do believe that you can still get help tho for the first month

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I am pretty sure the bureaucracy data tracks all that stuff .
Eventually , they will have the info on when you actually started work .
Any falsification would be fraud with some possible ugly consequences .

Notify JSA of your job & your first expected pay date .
Let them advise you .


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You have to do it from when you start the job, not when you get paid.

And yes, i think these things aren't made clear when you go and sign on, and they should be.

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you need to notify the dss you have a job and what date you start, im sure if you have been on j.s.a longer than 26 weeks you can claim a month free rent and council tax and also money for finding a job. ask at the dss tommorow

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Well, you will have to inform them of the start date because they will find out anyway and you could get in to trouble. They may give you benefit (but i doubt it) or you could ask your personel department for a part payment of your wage, which will be taken out of your months pay. Hope this helps =)

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The Oracle
This is what you need to do:

If your job is for 16 hours a week or more, you will have to cease claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). The last date of your claim will be the day before you start work. ie. if you are due to start on 24/09/07, the last date of your claim will be 23/09/07. Your JSA will be paid up to and including that date (provided you meet all the entitlement conditions).

In terms of your pay, you can apply for a Crisis Loan until you get paid. This is not the same as staying on benefit, as any member of the public can apply for one. The Crisis Loan is interest free, and you agree to pay it back when you get paid. You can apply for that after the period of time that your last payment of JSA covered has expired. (ie you get paid your last JSA on 26/09/07, and that is to cover the period from 19/09/07 to 23/09/07. This is 5 days payment, so you could apply for the crisis loan 5 days after receiving it). When you apply for the loan, they will need to know when you are due to get paid, and what you need it for. A decision will then be made on whether you can get one.
You may also be entilted to a Job Grant, and a Housing Benefit runon. To qualify for these, you will need to have been claiming JSA for at least 26 weeks without a break. If you have had a gap of even a day (for instance, you were disallowed for a day because you did not show good cause for not attending the office when you were supposed to, then you would probably not be entitled). Your job should also be expected to last for a minumum of 5 weeks.

Do not stay on JSA whilst you are working! This is fraud, and could lead to you being prosecuted!

Go and speak to an adviser at the Jobcentre tomorrow.

Well done

( I am a Jobcentre adviser)

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