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 Retract letter of resignation?
how do you view who people who retract their resignation letters? my reason of resigning is going back to school and focus on family but im not moving to another job
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i ...

 Work mandatory meetings?
Have a question about attending mandatory meetings...
If the meeting is held at 5 am and you are asked to go to them, are we supposed to be paid for them?
Work starts at 7 am just wondering ...

 I worked 12 hours and only received one half-hour break. In MN, is this legal?
I am seventeen and have worked for two McDonald's franchises in the past year. The first one I received a break for every 5 hours I worked. I then worked for a vet clinic, which had the same ...

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i live in virginia and i work at a grocery store. I was wondering if this is legal??...

 I don't know whether to put "yes" or "no" for the "May we contact your present employer?" question.
If I do put yes, what can my current employer legally say when contacted?...

 Can employers dismiss someone without giving a final written warning?
I recently have been dismissed, as I understand at my old employer they is four states in the disclipinary proceedure:

Stage 1 - First Written Warning
Stage 2 - Second Written Warning<...

 Legal jobs - what's out there besides being a lawyer?
I am really bored with my job. What's a good fun job? I would like to help people in some way so am thinking about law (not a policeman though (too old to run fast!!!) . What's a good ...

 Should I buy this for my desk at work?

 Laid off... now what? 2-weeks severence.?
I was just laid off without warning by HR because apparently they're "re-assigning" my department. I loved my job, and I did great work! My boss didn't even see it coming or have ...

 Can you draw unemployment benifits if your employer doesn't schedule you any hours to work?
I was on medical leave due to having surgery,and my Dr released to go back to work on Jan 5th.Since my release date my employer scheduled me to work only 15 hrs,then they told me that they would not ...

 Can the Company I have just started working for tell me when to take my annual leave?
I have been told to save 4 days of my annual leave entitlement for Christmas as my company shuts down for the Holidays - Can they do this? Surely I should be able to take it when I choose?...

 Refusing to pay an hourly employee for substandard work?

My boss claims that my work has been substandard (despite the claims of numerous fellow employees) and has since taken up the practice of refusing to pay me for all of my hours ...

 Do I have a strong enough case to sue my previous employer for firing me for reasons other than stated?
In April I was terminated from my position as a sales rep and the reasoning they used was misconduct due to not fulfilling my responsibilities as a sales rep. The real reason in my opinion is that ...

 I applied 4 a job and ive ben hired they wanted 2 do a background check.So i gave them my birth Certifcate?
and social securtiy card.Im thinkin they could already do a background check so the guy keeps askin me 4 a id im only 16 i dont a need a id yet but he says i cant gte the job until i show him a id of ...

 What do i do now?
I work for a family owned business in NY. My job inculdes lots of standing and carrying. I hurt my back really bad at work, the place I wouk is not kept vey well and the floor are very uneven, I feel ...

 Am I the only lawyer who hates my job?
I really don't want to go to work today.
Additional Details
Criminal defense pays extremely well.. but it's driving me insane....

 Is this legal? or unlawful?
Kinda long, but need to explain detail:

My employer, An airline (part time) In addition, I'M a writer (earn living) columnist w/ airport newspaper. my airline employer told me i can�...

 Can I be fired even if I told the company of a felony conviction on my application?
I was hired for a job as a assistant, hourly employee. On my application and when I was hired, I discussed and informed my manager that I have a Felony Conviction. Since then, I have been promoted ...

 If a person had been an ideal employee until a few months ago changed significantly?
and you suspected them of drinking on the job.
How would you handle the overall problem?...

 What action can be taken?
by my son for unfair dissmisal ? the company has never allowed a union ( i know this is illegal ) so he has no legal back up . would local CAB help ?
Additional Details
this is not about ...

jackie m
Can your employer threaten termination if you are unavailable to work an overnight shift ? please read?
I work as a PT keyholder for a mall retail store. We have inventory coming up and I was told by the store manager that if I am not there for inventory the entire time (from start to finish) I will be fired. While I have no problem helping out with inventory, I have a problemm with when it was scheduled. It is set for this sunday from 6pm-whenever ( I was told that whenever is usually anywhere from 12am-3am) I am a team player and love my job, but I am also a college student and a single mom with no sitter for an overnight shift. I dont mind staying as long as I have a sitter, but I know I cant stay until 12am or later. Can they terminate me?

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Erica C
I'm really sorry for your situation. I would write a memo to your boss explaining why you cannot work the shift. Usually, some employers give employees a hiring letter and it they gave you one, it should stipulate in it about working extra shifts. You can also call your local State Department of Labor to find out. Good luck.

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you cannot be forced to work an overnight shift if it is not in your contract talk to your trade Union representative if you have one or your HR department as this isn't right

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Unfortunately they probably can. Have you spoken with your boss about your situation. Maybe you can come to a compromise or you can help your employer out in another way, a shift to cover someone else...etc.
Also, in your application were you clear on your work restrictions??
This can come back to haunt you if you do not set the limits up from the start.
But, give your boss an opportunity to be a team player themselves and @ least attempt to work together on this.

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They can do whatever they want. Sorry.

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Alicia D
You might want to check your state laws. If you are in California, yes. California is an At-Will state, which basically means that they can fire you for pretty much any reason.

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Yes they can.

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Yes, they can terminate you. Because they need you right now and they are a small company. If you are not there, it makes it hard for the rest of the team.

Ask you employer if you can bring Your child with you, since he/she will be sleeping for the most part. (if that is an option)

Have a nice day!

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they can terminate you for any reason.

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