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 What is a SAS legal-sized envelope?

 When potential employers do a background check on you....?
Do they really see ALL of the places you worked or just some.Also,what can hinder you from getting a job because of your background check (excluding felonies/criminal background)?...

 Can you get fired from your job for going into substance abuse rehab?
My husband just went into substance abuse rehab. When told his boss he was admitting himself in the next day, they fired him. They have known that he has been fighting this addiction for awhile and ...

 Legal question for the state of w.va on this problem?
i need advise on this state . west virginia. if a woman married .with children. and husband who is in her.40.s starts well fooling around in the home sex wise with a.19. year old can the.19. year ...

 By law does employer have to keep health ins.onworkerafter gon?
by law when employee quits or gets fired does the company have to keep health insurance on them for a short amount of time?...

 Background Check Question?
I am on felony probation until 4.20.09 and i am in the process of finding another job. most jobs these days do have background checks. i know i have a stay of adjudication meaning that as long as i ...

 Are there any downsides to being a Corrections Officer?
It seems to me like the pay is great, you can easily make 80k or so after a few years and with some overtime. No college necessary, easy/mindless job, forced to stay in good shape..... Sure there'...

 My boss is unfair to me!?
I work in day care and i love it but when it comes to my boss i think shes very unfair to some of the other employees and myself for that matter. She will put up our schedualed hrs day by day not ...

 Record of Employment Concern????
I gave a two weeks notice to my current employer of quitting my job and today the VP dismissed me saying that I wasn't productive, and I would still technically have 2 more days to work, but in ...

 My new employer is holding my 1st check 2 weeks. Paid every week though? Is this legal?
Started new job on april 8. Worked 52 hours 1st week. No check that week, no biggie, this week, work 54 hours, and am told that even though we are paid weekly, employer holds 2 paychecks back. Is ...

 How do I qualify as a legal executive?
At the moment I am a non-law graduate, but I will be studying a CPE in september. Where do I go after this. I've looked at a chart on the ILEX website, but I cant really make any sense of it.<...

 Is it true that after 7 years, you are no longer required to put info regarding a felony on a job application?

 If you are terminated or quit your job and the employer deducts for vacation etc can they take the whole check

 Work issue! Help!?
My dept at work is treated unfairly and not getting the madatory breaks we are supposed to get. After being yelled at for going to the bathroom, I called in a complaint to the headquarters. My co-...

 Should I go to law school? For paralegals and lawyers to respond.?
My situation: I have an AA degree, a B.S. Degree and a Paralegal Certificate. I recently finished a 15 month paralegal program and just started a job as a legal assistant. I have registered with ...

 I have a legal question, please help!?
A company is based in America and has jurisdiction regarding a particular product in America. So can it send a cease and desist letter to someone in the UK for violating the copyrights of its product?...

 Can a person with a criminal record practice "X-Ray Tech."?
Where can I find a professional answer to this question,& others like it ?...

 Where can a minor get a job in Alabama?
I am a determined, home-schooled, mature, christian, fourteen year old living in Huntsville, AL.
For the past year and a half, I have mowed multiple lawns for money. the pay and hours were good, ...

 Thoughts about being a Paralegal?
I have been thinking of getting a certificate to be a paralegal. I was wondering what are the duties of the job? Is it really hard? Does it pay well? Is it rewarding? Is it a good job? What ...

 Work trial at new job, they have not given me a contract or told me my salary.?
I am on a two week work trial with a law firm. They have offered me the job subject to my references.

Whilst on the trial I have to pay my own taxes and NI.

The new job starts ...

Can you be fired without a reason in the state of Texas?
I know that it varies from state to state so I would appreciate it if the information given would pertain to only Texas. Is it possible for your employer to fire you for no apperant reason (and I mean NO reason, but if given a reason- say something as stupid as not clocking him out because he forgot to do so himself) Thank you.

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[BUMP] Coming July &#39;09
Texas, like Arizona (where I live and work), is a Right-To-Work State.

This explains it quite well: http://www.nrtw.org/c/txrtwlaw.htm

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Yes they can. Texas is an at will state, this means you can be fired anytime for any reason or no reason at all.

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Beautiful Biologist
At my job, you can be fired within 90 days with no explanation from the business, and I am sure it goes across the board for businesses since it's a legal thing. Usually people are not fired in that manner, but they reserve the right to do so.

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mason pearson
Texas is a "right to work" state, yes you can be fired for absolutely no reason.

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Yes, Texas is an at-will state, an employer can fire an employee with or without cause. The only exception would be if you are fired for an illegal reason. (Because of your gender, religion, political affiliation, age, etc)

By the way, not clocking in or out is not a stupid reason to get fired for. It's called time fraud for payroll. Same thing as someone clocking another employee in or out. If this was a one time occurance, and this is a long term employee then I would question it. But if it's someone who seems to "forget" to clock out often, or seems to disappear before the end of their shift and also "forgot" to clock out that day.

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