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Can my employer charge for mistakes?
I work at a pizza franchise in Washington state and if one of us makes a mistake, that person gets the mistake deducted from their paycheck. Is that legal? If it isn't, please send me a link with more information.

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v b
Why should your mistakes cost your employer money?

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Sorry, I can' t send you to a link but your employer would need to inform you of their rule concerning errors at the time of employment.
Upside, if you have to buy it, you take it home.....

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I live in Canada, and I know it's illegal to do so, in Canada. I'm not sure about the US. I think the rationale is that the employee is not responsible for the risks of the business owner. He or she takes a risk by hiring an employee, and he is responsible for the possible consequences of that risk.

According to this link, I am right. It is illegal in most states to deduct employees for their mistakes. Just look down the page on this link.

I would call your state labor board, though, just to confirm.

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It ABSOLUTELY is not legal.

In WA, an employer can not deduct wages for damage or loss.

Here's the best link I could find:

(whoops, had wrong link...fixed now)

read the examples at the very bottom of the page. Your situation would be similar to #4.

You can call WA L&I to verify you're in the right. All employees who this has actually happened to, can file claims. WA L&I is quick, and no-nonsense...they'll put a stop to it VERY QUICKLY. They can even fine the employer.

Of couse, you can get FIRED for making mistakes, but in WA state, they can't touch your pay.

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