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Christian S
Can my boss withhold my paycheck?
Hello, I am 17 years old, and just quit my job. When I first started this job as a dishwasher two years ago, we recieved a simple red t-shirt with the company name on it. I wore it for a month, but then it got ruined with bleach and grease/oil from dishwashing. For the other 23 months I have just worn whatever I wanted and they didn't care since the shirt got ruined. My boss won't give me my paycheck until I give him the shirt, which has been thrown away a year and a half ago. Naturally, this was my busiest work week for 48 hours (a paycheck over $400). Can he keep my paycheck because I don't have the $5 shirt they gave me when I first started?
Additional Details
I'm in West Virginia.

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Belinda J
Employers hold checks all the time. What may happen instead, if you have not talked to him about this issue, is he will deduct 20 dollars out of your check for the cost of the shirt, then send you the remainder of the check via mail.

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No, your ex-boss cannot legally hold your paycheck without your consent. Now, your choices are file a wage claim with the state employment office or file a small claims in civil court. Either way, they will have to pay you more than what they owe.

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Mad as a Cat in a Bomber Jacket
Aw hun, no he can't you earned that money fair & square, he has no right to with hold money you earned.
You could offer to reimburse your boss for the $5 shirt, be the bigger person here.

Good Luck. X :-)

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Your boss can't legally withhold your paycheck for any reason. However, depending on the laws in your state your boss can deduct the cost of the shirt from your paycheck. Your state's laws might also have provisions requiring your employer to pay additional money for withholding your paycheck from you.

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Did you tell him that the shirt was ruined long ago by wearing it at work?

Just find your local labor department and tell them what he is doing. They should be able to advise and assist you. It's illegal to not pay someone for work they performed.

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NO they can not hold your check.............................
in most states they can not make any deductions for uniforms.

for a more definite answer edit your question to include the state you are in
e-mail me

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