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No written contract.
Oral Contract.
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 Is it required by law that employers give their employees raises?
such as raise after 90 days if you do good job or yearly raises or cost of living raises? i have been with my company for lil over 1 year. i was told they dont do raises right now because they cant ...

 Can I be fired for not accepting a job I would be uncomfortable doing?

 If you quit your job and the employer still owes you a check for the week you worked. do they have to pay you?

 What options do I have if I was fired because I'm 42 and I have some age wrinkles?
I was hired 2 months ago to open and manage a practice for a new dermatologist in my town. Friday out of the blue he fired me. Apparently I do not have the face of dermatology. I don't have ...

 Right to take holiday time at work?
Our employer is trying to implement a system where 2 people are not off on holiday at the same time. I can understand the reason for this but due to the number of employers and lack of weeks in the ...

 Are "lawyers" and "attorneys" the same thing?

Can my boss make me do extra hours one day and send me home early the next so they don't have to pay overtime?
I used to earn a lot in overtime until an overtime 'ban' was brought in, requiring prior authorization to work overtime. When I need to work outside of my 8-5 shift, I'm told that instead of being paid overtime I will instead be able to go home earlier the next day.
I work in the IT field and expect to have some crazy hours, but feel I should be compensated fairly for them. Frequent changes to my routine to have me work late one day and finish early the next are not what I consider fair compensation.
I work for a very large public company (50000+ employees) and I am non-exempt.
Additional Details
I forgot to mention I am in New York state.

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Karen B
depends if you have a contract

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Sound The Stereo
oh buck up, this is the life you let yourself fall into, deal with it

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if that clause is in the contract your employer is within their rights to do so.

look at your contract

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As long as the total hours at the end of the week = 40, nothing you can do. They can work you 12 hrs. for 3 days and 2 hours for 2 days and no overtime is paid unless you have a contract. <union>

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In most states, yes that's legal, you are only paid overtime if you work over 40 hours in a week. In some states, overtime is mandated for hours over 8 in a day - CA is one, there might be others.

Many highly paid computer professionals are exempt under federal law from being paid overtime, although their state might in some cases mandate overtime pay anyway - go tohttp://www.dol.gov/esa/whd/regs/compliance/fairpay/fact_exemption.htm and download the sheet for computer related jobs. .

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Ricky&#39;s Mommy
Yes. A company is not obligated to pay you overtime unless you work the extra hours. Your boss is trying to save the company money and so he has the right to work you extra one day and send you home early the next to prevent this.

I know it sucks but, they can legally do this.

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yes if they have told you no overtime or you could get fired then you will see if they need you longer one day they can do it but if youw ork for civil service they can't do it and the union will step on them now. it all depends on where and whom you work for.

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Church Lady
I'm in NYS also....yes, he can do that. I know it is unfair but that's the way it is. Unfortunately, our state labor laws protect the employer way more then the employee.

Also, as a side note, ours is what is called and "At Will" state. This means that your employer can fire you at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. They don't even have to give you a reason.

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madisyn loves ya!
I think so.

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Mike G
From what I understand it is not illegal for your employer not to pay you ot if you have not exceeded 40 hours in the work week. Most companies with ot bans find creative ways of getting around it. In some states California I think if you work more than 8 hours in a day you are entitled ot pay regardless of how many hours you work in the week.

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Although this seems unfair it is perfectly legal (as you are an "at will employee"/no contracts). A non-exempt employee has to be paid OT at time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in the work week. The employer has the right to manage individual schedules so that an employee does not go over that 40 hr mark. A couple of years ago there was a proposal to change the OT requirement from over 40 hrs in a work week to over 8 hrs a day but this didn't get passed.

The employer can not, however, ask you to work over 40 hours and substitute time off instead of paying you OT.

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