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Can i get fired if i tell my employer that i have a drug addiction?\?

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Matt Woodard
It really depends on the type of policy your employer may have on drugs/alcohol. You are covered from being discriminated against IF you have STOPPED using the drug/alcohol and are currently seeking treatment in most types of situations. Although, I live in Texas and may be different where you live

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If you have insurance see if they cover rehab... they can't fire you while you are there or for it. You can take FMLA leave to keep the job, but that doesn't mean they won't keep an eagle on you when you get back...write you up for any and all infractions etc. Unless they really like you... who knows.

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It depends in what country you came from.Because in some country or companies they have a strict rules about drug abuse.And there is some that,as long as it didn't affect your job performance,they can still hire you,but with a watchful eyes of course.there is also some company that if they found out that their employee had a drug problem,they will ask them to check-in at a drug rehab until they sober up,so that they can still work into their company.

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It is up to ur employers and the kind of work you do how important you are nto the company but a friend of mine just came back to work.Having the same problem.They were having oneof those random drug tests and right before they told him he it was his turn he went to human resourses and told the boss that he knew he was not going to past this test and if they wanted to they could fire him now.The head of human resources asked him if he wanted to quit he said he did but could not afford the treatment so the company gave him the test he flunked and they paid for him to go away for 30 days now at any given moment they test him and he has been clean 1 year

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Mindy M
It depends on what you do for a living and if it affects your work. Legally I don't believe they can fire you if you told them that you do drugs outside of work and are addicted, but if they can fire you randomly and without giving a cause (check out the contract you signed when you were employed) legally they can.

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Francine M
Why would you want to take that chance? Do not volunteer anything that you are not asked,


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Dimitar A
I think the situation is a little bit more complicated.
Most companies have policies against doing drugs.
If you admit that you did drugs that you admitted that you violated the company policies.
Usually the company policy is that you can be fired for violating company policies.
Chances are that you got fired because you violated company policy of not doing drugs.
Good Luck

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Timothy B
I agree with the others that it is quite possible that they can, however review your employee handbook as many companies now actually offer assistance with treatment or at least their insurance carriers might. I'd read up on all policies before making a decision.

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Lindsay G
If it becomes disrupt with your work progress and you don't get the help you need, yes they could fire you.

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Depends - if you go to them to see if they have an Employee Assistance Program that can help you beat your addiction then you should be alright. Current drug users are not covered under the Title VIII revisions (Americans with Disabilities Act) but recovering ones are.

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If you are an at-will employee, they might fire you and blame it on something else.

If you are doing drugs on the job, or if they are affecting your performance they will fire you for that.

If you are asking for help when you tell them about your addiction, and they fire you then, they are facing a lawsuit.

Drug addiction is a disease. Can you imagine being fired for having cancer?

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