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 Is there a federal law preventing re-hire until 6 months after a layoff?

 What could you loose if you give your personal details to scamers?
what could you loose if you give your personal details to scamers?
my friend got an job offer to work in UK at swatzoil UK
they sent him a soft contract with scanned stamp and ordered him ...

 Is this legal for my uncle to fire my father?
My father works for his brother. My uncle is threatening to fire him if he doesn't sign over some land and if he doesn't take my uncle's cash payment "deal" for a family ...

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 Can I legally get my job back after I resigned if I was sick when choosing to resign (depressed)?
I want to get my job back, I was depressed when I resigned just to find later that an underlying disease was causing me to have this symptoms and depression is one of the symptoms of this disease. I ...

 Lawyers please, what is the most lucrative area of the law?

Additional Details
Actually malpractice and personal injury have not been doing well for a while. People are getting out of medical malpractice....

 Criminal Record expunged, but still shows up when I go for job interviews.?
My criminal record had been ordered to be expunged in the state of TEXAS on Sept 23, 2007. It was for a felony Assault/WDW that was "NO BILLED"<please don't judge the situation ...

 Why are there terms and conditions of employment?
Need help with coursework. Would be grateful for links and answers....

 If you fire your lawyer right before?
a case,because you want another lawyer??
Does lawyer 1 still get part of the money?
I was told I cant get another lawyer because I would have to pay both dues? Is this true?
and is ...

 NC Pre-employment drug screening?
I've had a couple good interviews with a company. I received a call from the HR recruiter and he said - I must complete the drug screening/background check before an offer is made. I was told &...

 Can't get hired why?
Every time I send in a job application i never get hired.Days later a friends the job.They have the same age and had never had a job but i never get called for an interview.Please help me i think im ...

 Is it legal for large corporations to discriminate in hiring based on sex, sexual orientation, and religion?
Someone claimed there is no longer legal protection for discriminatory practices in hiring based on sex, sexual orientation, race, and religion. Can this be true?...

 Employer has deducted £400 from my salary without prior consultation?
I was promoted at work 7 years ago. My employer has now decided to stop paying my pay rise given at the time of promotion - is this legal as far as employment law goes?...

 How can I get justice on being fired unfairly?
I was recently let go as a Temp with a company where I was 1 month away from being permanent. I wrote a letter to the temp agencies HR and the company I temped at HR about Race and Sex Discrimination....


 I've had blonde bangs for 2 yrs can my employer inforce me to change it now 2 yrs later?
Ok I work at a restaurant and I've had blonde bangs for 2 yrs. Now they tell me I have to have 1 tone hair even though the entire wait staff has dyed highlights or natural highlights. There is ...

 Can I get fired/laid off with no notice?
Ok so i work for a big company. I am one of their sales reps/Territory managers in California. But there are employess all over the country. We basically work with Wal-Mart and sales rep. But we do ...

 Hospital cannot provide proof I was there for my employer ??
My father was recently in the hospital for heart surgery.so of course, I take off work and head out of town.... I had to call into my employer, and the staffing company ( I am a temp ) to let them ...

 Reason For Leaving Job?
I worked at a bank with 6 others. About 8 months ago, one of the co-workers was fired for insubordnation.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, the same guy that was fired decided to rob one of our ...

 Do I have to attend my disciplinary hearing whilst on the sick?
I have received a letter from my employer today asking me to attend a disciplinary hearing on Thursday at work. I have been issued with a sick note from my GP approx. 3 weeks ago informing them that I...

Can employers ask for your date of birth on job applications and background check?

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No they CANNOT. At most the job application can only ask if you are over the age of 18 and can legally work in the United States. The reason being is to avoid any form of age discrimination in the hiring process. The EEO is very clear about this. Date of birth can be given ONLY after the person has been employed for tax purposes. It is not necessary for background checks. The only requirement necessary to conduct a background check is the persons social security number and home address.

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Yes, I think most if not all states allow that. They can not however discriminate based upon age.

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The trouble is that many applications state on the form that the material can be used for background checks. At which point they need your age. So while they can't demand to know your age just to apply, by combining two forms into one they get to stick the age question back on.

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I'm pretty sure that they can... especially if the position requires you to be a certain age. (Example: If you'll be around hazardous equipment and need to be at least 18.)

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jamie h
They can ask on the application only if it follows the question are you age 18 or older.
Your date of birth is required on a background check.

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