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Can an employer hold an absense against you if you have a doctors note?
Where I work an employee had days counted against his attendance that he was out with the flu. he had gone to the emergency room for the illnese and they put him off for 5 days and gave him a note. yet in his attendance review these days where held against him.

a different employee was actually admitted to the hospital with an infection in his leg and that day was held against him.

is that even legal to do? I thought medical excuses had to be excused?

also I'm from ohio if state laws are different. i tried google but could find anything at all. please help.

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An employer can do any thing you let him do. If you don't like it quit.

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It depends on your rules at your place of work. Where I worked it was 3 days maximum with a doctor's note. If it was more than 3 days you could use your sick leave or vacation time if you had any. If you did not have that you would not get paid. My 1 friend went on disability for a week. When her review came up months later it was used against her. She did not get the same raise as most of us got.

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You thought wrong. An employer does not have to excuse you if you have a medical excuse. The exception is if you qualify for FMLA leave - if you do, the employer must allow you up to 12 weeks of (unpaid) leave for a qualifying reason for you or a family member, and your job is somewhat protected for that time. But unless you qualify for FMLA, the employer can discipline or fire you for absences even if you have a doctor's excuse.

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Even under the Ohio law, employees are allowed to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave, with continued medical benefits and restoration of their original position upon return. An employee is eligible under FMLA when they:
Have worked for the same employer for the previous 12 months
Have worked at least 1250 hours in the previous 12 months
Are employed by a "covered" employer, which is:
All federal, state, and local governments and agencies
Private employers with 50 or more employees for 20 weeks in the calendar year and engaged in interstate commerce
The managements attitude is 100% illegal. Please report this to labour board.

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