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 I talked to my boss. he said minimum wage did increase to 6.55 but they wont pay that untill 90 days ?
is that illeagle? i mean. if im working for them. they have to pay me at least minimum wage? and if they higher anyone now it HAS to be right? that wouldnt be fair to everyone else if we have worked ...

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 Wage Question re: Notice of change of hours.?
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 CS results icsi Company Secretary results foundation executive program professional june 2008 12 noon?
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 How could i get a job?
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 Safeway union questions?
Safeway union questions?
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 Rights for Applicants from Employers?
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Instead of telling the truth, The employer will say "We will ...

 Is it legal for the workplace to record audio without consent in California. I know video is legal. ?
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 How many sick days a year are you entitled to with pay and without pay?
Full time and Part time?...

 Terminated from employment unfairly, please help?
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 Legal advice required: What recourse does a manager have?
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 Do I need a work permit for an apprenticeship?
If I am taking an apprenticeship (no pay) do I need a work permit from my high school?

Oh and I am in San Diego, California and am 17.
Additional Details
It is at a dog ...

 Help please... is this breaking a labor law? and end up in termination?
Please help me if this letter will help control this supervisor. If this illegal and if this supervisor will get fire for doing this action. He is a very evil guy and I need help to get rid of him, ...

 Do I need to show some legal proof that my Grandmother is my legal guardian when applying for college?

Additional Details
I am 17 so I do need a legal ...

 Night working when under 18?
im 17, and want to work nights. (8 - 4 am)

I've been told theres laws which would prohibit me from working these hours, is there any law saying what time i can work until? All i know ...

 I am 14 and looking for minumum wage job?
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 What is the driving distance between Ville Platte, LA and Port Barre, LA?

kristine s
Can a person with a felony practice Chiropractic in the states?
I received a felony 7 years ago, and I am wanting to know whether or not I can still become licensed after Chiropractic school.

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You may have a problem.

Most states require a criminal background check before a chiropractic license is issued. Depending on the nature of the crime, it may or may not be cause to deny approval.

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Dr. K
The answer is a flat no. If you have a felony, all health care professional jobs that require a license from the state are barred from you. It's so serious, they inform all 1st year students in med school, and I assume chiropractic school as well, don't drink and drive, a DWI is a felony and can deny you from getting a license to practice.

There is one option. You need to talk to a lawyer. If you can have that felony record expunged or sealed by the court, then you can have a state license. You need to clear this before even entering school because schools will deny your admission. What's the point of teaching someone if they can't get a license?

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