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 Legal question about employer withholding money?
I had a personal loan with my boss. I told her I would pay her the $56 when I could. She got impatient and took it out of my paycheck without permission from me. Isn't that illegal? I ...

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 Holiday leave at work ............................
Please can I have your advise.
I have worked in the construction industry for 18 months now and yesterday my company advised us all that from now on we have 20 holidays leave a year but we must ...

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 Holiday Time Off--Is This Legal?
My employer allows employees at my company to take up to four weeks off for Christmas with pay. Any other time during the year we are unallowed to take over two weeks off. Is this actually legal ...

 If a person work for a daycare and get paid on the 1st and th 15th of each month how whould overtime work?
I work sometime 95 hours in a pay period and I don't get ...

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 I am in michigan. I work 12 hour shifts one week is 38 hours the other is 42.?
my employer is asking that I sign a paper so he can be exempt of paying 2 hours of overtime every other week. Is this legal and where can I find the law?
Additional Details
To all you ...

 What is pre-paid legal aid? What are the pros and cons of it?

Additional Details
I should have said this in the beginning would this be a good use for child custody? And how do I check to see if the legal aid assistant is legit?...

 Need advise....?
I left my old job because I did nt like it, it was to far from where I live adn my daughter's school, had to take the toll booth, lots of gas just plainly not feasible for me to continue to work ...

 Is retaliation for making an internal complaint of discrimination prohibited?
My company has retaliated against me for making an internal complaint, is it legal? How should I proceed? Please advise. Thank you!...

 Filing for unemployment?
If someone had to quit there job because the person they live with moved out of state are they eligable for unemployment? But after they moved, they found a job in the new state, but quit after one ...

 My boyfriend was terminated for his background check.
I'm sure there's nothing that can be done....but he was employed through a temp service and the company kept pushing him to put in for full-time...he told them he had a criminal history, ...

 I live in Minnesota. Is this legal?
I am not a manager. If I produce a certain amount of business each month I am paid a commission after that amount. The problem is that the busier I get, the more commission I can make, but ...

 Using vacation days right before resignation?
I am leaving my current job and thinking to give my employer 1 month notice today (thats whats required in the companys policy manual). My question is, during this 1 month period, is that ok if I ...

 Laid off by not getting paid?
my friend just got laid off without company notice. Even didnt get pay for the last 2 month. Right now the company switched to a new company name & owner. What is the best way to get the $$ ...

 Iam filipino with a dgree in law. do i have the chance to work as para legal officer/assistant in canada?
are foreign law graduates who are under bar can work as para legal officers/assistants in canada?...

 On disability and being laid off.?
i had shoulder surgery 2 months ago im on week 10 of recovery. i had a dr. appt a week ago and the said id be released in 6-9 weeks probably 6 though and that they wanted to see me in a month. when i ...

 What is the proper way to inquire about the status of an application for employment via e-mail?

Can I take my former employer to court for wrongful termination after winning an appeal for unemployment?
The situation is like this, I was terminated for what my former employer said was misconduct... I filed for unemployment and was denied, I appealed and won the hearing and now (just today) have received my first unemployment check because the judge believed that I was not wrong in any of the situations... well now can I file for wrongful termination and possibly try to get back pay of my former wage from when I was terminated???

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You can file a civil suit for wrongful term - find an employment law attorney in yoru area. Decisions from related hearings such as unemployment, dept of labor, etc., are factored into a civil suit.

You may also want to file a wrongful term claim through the dept of labor (www.dol.gov to find an office near you); they will pursue the claim on your behalf for free but being a government agency, they take their sweet time.

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Which state? Calif ,do it you well win

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Depends on the state. For instance in Georgia (MORAST vs. LANCE), Morast lost because in short the State of Georgia has ruled that an employer has the right to terminate employment "at will" except in the case of discrimination. The employer can dislike your shoes and tell you that you're fired.

Call a Labor Attorney in your state. Usually a consultation is free. They will be glad to tell you if you have a case. States are usually either Employee friendly or Employer friendly.

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It is very Possible. Check with your Unemployment Office...hey know the Rulles best and would be your Rep. in such a case.

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Princess Leia
It depends on what state you live in....many are "at will" so it doesn't matter what they say you were terminated for - as long as it wasn't because of you belonging to a "protected" class (or whistle-blowing), you can be fired for any reason at all.

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