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Can I sue my current employer and still work there?

I feel that my employer owes my around $15,000 due to a bonus structure in my current deal, but they are not paying it. Is there anything I can do in the court system to enforce this, while still keep my job?


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yes, and if they fire you then you really have a good lawsuit

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Loose Change™¢
Yes, you can sue for breach of contract. If they fire you over it, you can sue for wrongful termination/retaliatory termination. But would you really want to work in such a hostile environment after that? The good news is that there are severe punitive damages for such treatment, you might come out of it a millionaire if you have a good lawer.

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im pretty sure you can,Suze Orman did it while she was still working for merrill lynch.You should probably contact eeoc(equal employment opportunity commission) tel# 800 669 4000.

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Why aren't they paying you? Do they have an alternate explanation of what your contract says, or are they just stonewalling?

You can sue them. Going through your state labor board is probably the best way. But don't expect to have a very secure job with them after that if you do. Contrary to what a few others said, your job does NOT become protected just because you brought suit or even if you won the suit.

There are whistle-blower laws that protect your job if you report legal wrongdoing within the company, but those don't apply to this case.

$15K is a lot of money. I'd say get another job lined up, then if you're sure you have it coming, file suit the day before you turn in your notice.

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Have you tried speaking to H.R. about it first? And with your boss to find out an explanation as to why they are not paying you the bonus the way you read the contract? You can file a claim for unpaid wages with your local wage and labor office but you should get some answers from your employer before you do this to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is going on.

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It will likely not be a great working environment after you sue, whether or not you win the suit. Why would you want to continue employment there?

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Expert Realtor
Sure you can...however, have you ever heard of someone suing their employer and KEEPING their job?

Companies can always find legal ways of getting rid of you.

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J *
Yes you can.

I would suggest lining up another job to transfer to before the lawsuit letter hits your bosses desk though.

If they fire you it makes your case stronger, but you don't want to be without work either.

Good luck.

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You can sue and keep your job. People do it all the time. Expect your job to S()K big time while you're in litigation.

Ask a layer if your case is winable. A lawyer won't touch it unless they think its a slam dunk.

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If you feel you were wronged, check with your State Dept of Labor. They will help you if you have a valid grievance, and protect your job. If you just hire an attorney they will likely fire you for some other reason.

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The Stone
yes you can definately consult an attorney before you file anny papers to sue.

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Yea but dont expect to be promoted anytime soon, you my friend will be blackballed by HR.

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