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 My former boss is trying to underpay me, how do I get my pay?
I had a temporary job and only worked 18 days in September for that company. We agreed on a certain salary for a month and was supposed to work for 2 months on temporary status. But after 18 days ...

 Do law firms hire admin/clerical help for general office duties?
I want to work in general office capacity; not legal secretary. Do firms hire for this and what would the position be called?...

 Is there any difference between a paralegal and a science paralegal?
If so, what do they each do that is different from the other....

 Appealing for Unemployment?
I was fired from my job because of a verbal argument with HR Manager. The situation was that I reported a manager originally that makes racial remarks and derogatory comments (witnessed by some ...

 Who earns more on average in the UK a lawyer or a judge?

 Is there a law saying u HAVE to pay income taxes no matter what?
or is it that if u do not meet requirements of being a resident in any country for tax then you simply do not pay and that is legal ?

my employer is from Belgium, pays no tax/NI for me as I...

 Is it possible/legal that i do not have to pay income tax in any country?

i m not spending more then 100 days in any EU country over tax year. which makes me no tax resident everywhere. do i need to pay tax somewhere really?

I am Czech citizen, live ...

 My former employer caused me to lose business contracts. Is there any recourse?
I was working in a small real estate company as administrative help. On my own time and money I became a real estate broker and started my own real estate business performing property valuations. W...

 What should I do, legal secretary?
I'm a legal secretary, 9 years in comfort zone small firm job but bored. Should I stay put or take risk of moving to bigger firm making more money but more stress with corporate lawyer bosses....

 Is it realistically possible to begin working as a paralegal while still studying for this career? ?
What skills are required? How difficult is it to obtain an entry level position without completing a formal training program?...

 Law school: How much money and time?
I'd really like to go to law school, so how much money and time will this take assuming full-time student status? Any Esquires here that can tell me if the experience is worth it or not? How ...

 Should I use a life management service offered by my employer as a benefit?
I think I may be an alcoholic and, although I'm told it would remain confidential if I used this service and I know it's against the law to fire someone for having a problem with alcohol, I&...

 Injuried! SLIP AND FALL..DUE to title fell on head?
soft tissue injuries are worth what,,,,,,25k 3 mhs lost wages 6mths chiro... ive completed ...

 Can anyone please help me with these 2 Business Law Questions?
QUESTION 1: Tom contracts with Jerry to purchase an oil painting. Tom and Jerry mistakenly think that the oil painting was painted by Monet, the famous artist, and that it’s worth hundreds of

 A 1 yr contract, due to finish Feb 09. Handing in my notice but 8 days holiday left. Am eligbl to tk holiday?
Would I be eligible to take this remaining holiday?...

 Is the 3-month notice applicable to me even if I am still under probation at the time I resign?
I'm working in dubai now for two months. The contract I have signed says I am under probationary for three months. Also there is a clause there that says I need to render 3 months notice if I ...

 What kind of lawyer do I need?
I was fired from ajob here in Louisville, Ky for making a mistake. I didn't make the mistake on purpose. I worked for a check company, namely Clarke American here in Louisville, KY. I have ...

 Stay at a job with no room for growth?
I am an attorney working for a grant-based program. I have been told by my direct supervisor that there is no room for professional advancement for me, that I was hired to be an attorney and that...

 How do i train to become a family law solicitor?
If i want to become a family law solicitor, how do i go about it. What training do i need, how long will it take, how much will it cost? Thank you in ...

 IS this company www.horizoncs.net which provides H1B visa process a Legal and Reliable Company? Any idea ..?
Guys, do you have any idea about this company www.horizoncs.net.
They are in H1B processing but I am not sure whether this is a Reliable one . Please explore and get back asap....

Can I give notice to terminate my employment whilst on sick leave?
I am currently on sick leave with my current certificate giving me a further 4 weeks leave. I wish to terminate my employment, but can I do this giving 4 weeks notice while i am still on sick leave

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You can.

But why?

I assume that your sick leave is paid. So when you terminated your employment, they have no more right to pay you sick leave anymore in some cases.

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mister ed
of course!!!

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