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The love of your life
Can I be forced to work more than 8 hours a day?
I work in healthcare. My company has recently added more work to our load and expect us to work more than our 8 hours a day. It was okay for the first few weeks but it seems like this will be trend from now on. Most of my days are now 10 or 11 hours long. Some people are even working 14 hour days. They do pay us time n a half after 40 hrs/ week
But do I have to stay past my 8 hours? Or can they fire me for that? I have had great perfomance reviews.
Ofcourse, I would not leave any patients unattended.

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stan c
No employer can force you to work more than 8 hours a day unless you were told at time of hiring that over time is mandatory.

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you should request the guidlines for mandatory overtime, speak to the person that hired you.

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this depends on what the contract for hours was at hiring -did it include 8 hr days only and make no mention of overtime. read your HR policies clearly. if you are unable to fulfill the committments of the job, seek employment in a setting that can accomodate your needs better.

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Heather V
You can not be forced to do anything. You can refuse and they can legally fire you.

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Slavery has been abolished. You work because you want a job and the benefits it confers.

If you stop wanting that job, you just say so and stop working completely, and accept the consequences.

But overtime as needed is a normal part of work life.

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yes they can make overtime mandatory as long as you are paid accordingly which you state you are.

in some states there are some limits on the number of hours certain health-care professionals may legally work in a day. check with your local office of the department of labor; wage and hour division for more information or edit the question with the state you are in and your job title.

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Unfortunately, yes, your employer could let you go if you were unable to work the involuntary overtime. As long as they provide you with the necessary breaks and compensation they can have you work any time they need you. I had a job once with a similar situation and they did give concessions to people who had medical issues that caused them to be unable to stay for extended hours; Or, extenuating family circumstances. I think most states are "at will" so you can be let go at any time and you can also quit at any time. Two ways to look at it...padded paychecks...or exhausted and time to hunt for a new job.

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