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 Do I have to file forms if I hire commissioned salesmen?

In WA, USA, do I need to file forms with the city or state when I hire commissioned salesmen? Is it legal to hire salespeople with no base salary and have them work commission-only? W...

 She was hired back over me?
this lady mrs terri has been working at my restaurant as my manager, not too long ago she quit bc she was losing her house or something. I started doing her job plus mine and it wasnt that hard, she ...

 Can ex-employers hurt your chances of gaining employment?
Can ex employers hurt your chances of getting employment?
The reason I am asking each resume and application I write,I put down my last employer and the work I did but I feel like they are ...

 I am on long term disability and cannot return to my well paid physically demanding job?
i can do a more sedentary job but with no skills will take a huge pay cut can ltd force me back to a low paying job after 2 years in ...

 I'm due to retire in a few months. ?
If I decide carry on working, can the company reduce my contract hours and my rate of pay. I work in the Uk. ( I'm fit enough to carry on doing the same job)...

 How similair are lawyers and accountants career wise?
As in what they actually do. From what i heard accountants are basically lawyers but deal only with money. Is that true? I am deciding between both of these fields......

 Need help with a job application!?
I've applied to my city's Police Dept for an administrative assistant position. I filled out the first 19 pages, no problem...the last page wants me to write ( in 50 words minimum ) my ...

 What questions would you ask a teenage driver for an interview?

 Should all workers be covered by a minimum wage?
Should all workers be covered by a minimum wage? Why? Some people favor a lower minimum wage for young people than for adults. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal? Do you ...

 When hiring, do law firms tend to stay away from prospective hirees who attained their JD part time?
I'm debating on whether or not to go to the Dedman School of Law at SMU and attend their evening program so I can work, or the full-time program during the day....

 Can someone recommend a thorough background check firm? I want to see what employers see.?

 Can anyone shed any light on Tupi transfers?
The company I work for won the grounds maintenance contract two years ago and two of the current staff were transferred across the rest of the staff including myself were employed at the start of the ...

 Can I fight this all the way to a P45?
Our supermarket has been taken over by a larger chain and my position as 'Senior Vehicular Arrangement Officer' has be re-designated as 'Car Park Attendant'. The management has ...

 I need help with a education and employment resume.?
ive never written one before. can some one show me how to write a basic education and employment resume?...

 Miscarriage should have been claimed as disability... ?
I live in CA. In January, I miscarried and was taken off of work for a little over 2 weeks. My HR manager had me claim sick time. An associate recently brought to my attention that this could have ...

 Help I been scammed! Ring not returned/refunded on ebay!?
I purchased a ring on ebay 8-9 months ago for about $3000. When I received the ring it was not as described. I sent it back and was sent another. The 2nd one was even worse, so i sent it back as ...

 Legal question, please help!! Need immediate answer!?
My boyfriend got arrested 2 nights ago from a bench warrant. He is currently in a county jail. He does not have visiting hours until a few days from now and he cannot call me due to not being able to ...

 Law and Criminology as good as LLB for legal career in England? ?
Is a degree in Law and Criminology as good as LLB (hons) for a legal career in England?

The college only have Law and Criminology left and although I think I would enjoy that more, I don&#...

 What are the job prospects for someone with a legal Diploma in Manchester?
I gained a legal diploma in Dublin to be a legal executive and Im thinking of moving to manchester, I'd like to know what are my prospects of gaining a legal job there, as I am very restricted ...

 Can an employer transfer ones severance pay to a bank to cover personal loans and how long before they pay ?

Vanessa B
Are lawyers in high demand?
In Canada? And also, what type of lawyer makes the most money?

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NO!!! Lawyers are NOT in demand ANYWHERE!!! There are simply WAY TOO MANY lawyers right now!!! (Go to your phone book, look under "Attorneys")

Warning: Jobs in the field of Law are drying up FAST!!! This is NOT a good field to invest in!!! Reasons? There are simply too many attorneys, very bad economy, today many people (mistakenly) think they can do their own legal work thanks to the WWWeb, there are WAY TOO MANY law schools today churning out WAY TOO MANY graduates for the demand and economy.

Suggestion: Go into the field of Healthcare <<< LOTS of jobs there!!!

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I can only answer for the market in the US, but my guess is that Canada would be similar. There are some areas of practice where lawyers are in high demand. These are usually areas that require some additional specialization, such as patent law.

Other practice areas are competitive, but if you go to a good law school, earn good grades, and get hands on legal work experience during law school to beef up your resume, you will be fine.

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