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Alabama State Labor Law - Doctor's note/Medical Leave?
I work at a company known as West Customer Management Group LLC and they've suddenly decided to stop accepting doctor's notes to excuse employee absences. This doesn't matter if the employee was in a severe car accident and went into a coma for a week or not, no matter the case. The site manager states the reason as being, "We don't care why you're absent, if you have Paid Time Off or Unpaid Time Off in your scheduling system, you need to use it instead, otherwise it's unexcused."

Personally, I know Alabama is one of the many states that are supposed to follow the Right to Work laws, including Wal-Mart who is already trying to settle a Class Action Suit against this very same thing.

Question is, if I were to get fired for being hospitalized, where can I find more information on my rights? I've saved 2 copies of every doctor's note I've obtain for the past 2 years so I have all the notes from doctors and can also easily obtain any that I may have missing from the hospitals I've been to.

I'm also aware already that if I was to be fired for missing too much work when I've got doctor's notices to prove such absences should've been excused that I can collect unemployment from the company. I'll summarize my questions.

1). Where do I find the statutes for Right to Work Labor Laws?
2). If I'm fired from West Corporation due to hospital stays, can and should I press charges against the company?

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I live in California and they must accept doctors excuses, it is against the labor law to not accept them. I did a web search for Alabama and found the site for you to contact someone about this.

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There are a lot of facets to your question that can't fully be answered in this forum.

To make it simple, your employer has the right to terminate your employment if you are absent without benefit of leave. They are trying to run a business. As an employee you are expected to be there and work your schedule. Who fills in when you aren't there.

If you have exhausted all of your available vacation or sick time and still need to be out you will need to be on some type of leave of absence such as short term disability or long term disability. Most companies, including Walmart, will not keep you employed indefinitely and will terminate you after you have been on leave of absence for 365 days consecutively. There is a lot more to that but it wouldn't make sense to cite law here and I am not an attorney.

Right to work laws have to do with trade union representation and not your doctors notes.

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Uh, right to work laws have to do with whether you can be forced to join a union, and have nothing to do with absences.

If you are eligible for federal FMLA leave, apply for it and your job will be somewhat protected if you are absent for reasons relating to what you have the leave for. But other than that, there is no requirement that a company just excuse absences if you have a doctor's excuse, or that they can't fire you for excessive absences in those circumstances.

You would very possibly still be eligible for unemployment if you are fired for excessive absences and can show that you were truly unable to be at work, since that probably wouldn't be considered to be misconduct. But that doesn't mean they can't fire you.

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i'm not from alabama but you can start with your local job service or employment service.

not finding the answers you need there, check the state board of employment. or the alabama BARS association.

you can also check with your local aid to dependent families (welfare) office. or contact a laywer.

if you are fired, for that reason, it would not hurt to consult a laywer. the least they can do is tell you that you don't have a case.

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1. "right to work" laws are in relation to unions and allow non-union members to work in a union shop they have nothing to do with absenteeism. Alabama has been a "right to work" state since 1953

2. absenteeism and which absences are excused absences are a matter of company policy, an employer is NOT required to accept any excuse for an absence unless it is covered by FMLA and that includes California.

3. unless you are covered by a contract you are employed "at-will" and as such you may quit or be fired for any reason or NO reason except those which are illegal such as discrimination.

4. if you are fired you can file for unemployment and if the employer did not have "cause" to terminate you then you will qualify (if you meet all the other criteria).

SO to answer your questions:
1. http://www.alalabor.state.al.us/FAQ.htm#Right%20to%20Work%20Law
2. if you qualify for FMLA, the illness qualifies and if you properly requested leave under FMLA and were illegally denied the leave then YES otherwise NO

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