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jim g
Why is the N word illegal to white people to use?
yet blacks can use it ?
Is this a case of anti white racism at work ?

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Stop spending
It is only illegal if it's used in hate.

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Would you go to a Black person in the street and call him a ni**er. I suspect the answer is no. If the answer is yes then would you do it if it was a man was built like Mike Tyson?

So the answer is no

Why is that?

Because you know the recipient will find it offensive?

There is your answer.

The word is meaningless but the fact that it has been used in an offensive way is what has 'outlawed' it. In the past the N word has been associated with Lynchings - Burning Crosses - Death Threats etc.

So, there you go, it is our White forebears who have rendered the N word offensive. No white racism at work just the result of racism against Black people.

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It is offensive any time.

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John T
It is not illegal to use it.
Depending on the circumstances though it could be classed as racial harassment which is illegal.

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It is not illegal per se. It's merely incredibly racist for a white person to use it. Used to another person, it could provoke a reaction which would then result in an illegal public disturbance. No, it's not a case of "anti-white racism" at work, since the fact that Black people can use it does not give permission for white people to use it. Now if it was being addressed to a white person by a Black person, you might have a case for "anti-white racism" at work. I suggest you try studying the history of race relations in the U.S., perhaps take a college course and that might give you more insight into the issues.

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Nobody should use the word. The N word has a much stronger connotation with white people. It was coined by whites to describe black slaves. If a white person says it to a black person it brings back the feeling of persecution, inferiority and death of slavery. Black people can say it to each other though they shouldn't because it doesn't have the same meaning and damage that it does from a white person.

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True Patriot
It's against the law in terms of harassment. I think it is only a matter of time before certain expressions are used against white people which will become harassment by virtue of the fact that the politically correct disregard our right to equal treatment. The politically correct are pathetic in their attempts to punish white people for the 'sins of our fathers'.

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it isn't illegal for us to use. just gets us in bad trouble if we are on the telly

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Legend in your own mind!
It's not illegal. You can say anything you want and black people know that and that's why thy use it. You can use the "N" word all you want and the police can't touch you for it, but they might lock you up in a cell with a lot of black guys or women for your own protection..duhh
The people who throw the N word around are normally uneducated, ignorant fools and the majority of black people who use the word in context use it in context instead of just throwing it around like a rag in the dark.

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Thomasina Paine
It is censorship.

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andrew c
Its not illegal,and although i agree its wrong to address a black person you do not know in that way ,many white people address each other and black people they know this way. Its acceptable because many black and white people are not "fully" controlled by the government and the p.c. brigade yet.

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Yeah, we should at least be able to say cracker with no retribution.

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James M
I don't like that word, but I think that black people should stop using it among themselves if they consider it so offensive.

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Gabe O
the word has history

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Its not illegal, it just gets censored constantly by liberals that think changing the name of something changes what it truly is......

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shine on me...
Black people find it offensive.

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It is just a word. None should ever be made illegal. I will use any words in my vocabulary I find appropriate and most accurate to convey an idea. I will never be censored. And I will certainly not tolerate a double standard in what I can or cannot say.

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It's not illegal. It's in poor taste for any human being to use it, regardless of their color.

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it isnt illegal to use

Just isnt a wise choice of words

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Even if they bully this word out of the English language they'll find something else to whine about,like the 'W' word=WORK!sooner they get the massive bleeding chip off their shoulders the better!

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