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Why is it that illegal mexicans have jobs and citizens cant find work any where?
is there anything we can do about this?I dont have anything against mexicans . My mom is born in mexico but I think they already took over all are jobs. There are even companys that went to mexico why can't they find someway to get all the workers with fake papers out of here. Us americans also have family and need work

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It is not illegal to be a Mexican, and illegal immigrants do not have, nor are they taking all of the jobs.

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I used to feel the way you feel. I live in an area where there are thousands of illegal immigrants. I did a study/survey for a class. I polled 1800 between 18 and 24. I offered them the option of doing hard labor for 20 dollars an hour, or 10 for doing a desk job. 94% said they would rather have the desk job at 10 dollars an hour.

Our younger generation has become lazy. Fact is: Americans don't like to get their hands dirty. Who else will do the work?

We are so used to having a "slave class" in our society:

African slaves
The Irish
The Chinese

And now the illegal immigrants.

There is a dairy here that pays 16 dollars and hour. They employ 402 people. They are constantly advertizing for new help, but the only people that apply for the job are illegal. The owner and son are the only legal workers in the dairy.

There is a company here that was recently raided (Swift). It pays 8 dollars an hour to stand in a freezer and chop up sides of beef all day. Do you see yourself in that job? If you would expect more money, would you be willing to pay more for meat in the supermarket?

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Ryan D
That's just how it is. The reason why you have to be a US Citizen to work in the US is because they don't want terrorists coming there.

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Daniels Ultra gay!

Besides the tacos, I think it might have something to do with a trade between immigrants and americans who have a loop hole. But to get to the nitty gritty, Americans are spoiled, no american is going to pull weeds and feel superior when we have immigrants to lift soil for us. No fluently english speaking American by birth, not green card, would be caught hung in bathroom stall at Mc Donald's because he flips juicy fake burgers, and for that same reason, in fact! If that makes no sense to you, then it's proven! You are an American. What American queen would you witness housekeeping Mrs. Magners mansion? Not even me! Oh JESUS NO!

For devils sakes! You would never even catch me watching any rich family's mistakes (brats) neither. Call me evil it matters nothing. Now, showing them a few fun things for a "limited of time" is all dandy,limit ted, limited of time only. Frankly, my own irk my nerves so just imagine "not blood".


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they are a plague to society if you ask me but that's life; those ppl are hired cuz they are willing to sacrifice everything and give up all there rights just to work and get paid and never complain like the rest of Americans. I guess just call I.C.E on them good luck with that sweetie:) Let's just pray the economy gets back on its feet already.

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Phuck You
''Cheaper, Better, Faster''-George Lopez

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Killer Queen
You are welcome to come to my area and harvest crops. That is what the illegals here do. Most have to walk to work. That can be up to 10 miles one way. They work in the fields from around 7am to about 7pm. Seven days a week because crops can't wait when they're ready to harvest. This is in 100 degrees or more with 90% and above humidity. When most people can't stand to even go outside at all. And they do this for $6-8 an hour with no benefits.

So come on over! The farmers would love to give you a job.

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Because they will work for really cheap. I agree with you.

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Because they're being paid much less than minimum wage.

It's the businesses that hire illegals who always prevent the Feds from deporting all illegals -- even IF all could be found and identified as such, which would be no small task.

They aren't taking YOUR jobs; they're taking jobs we wouldn't or couldn't take (since it's illegal to hire people below minimum wage).

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Lily J
unfortunately they'll work for next to nothing in this country because it is still a lot more than they are making in their own country. To top it off, there isn't much we can do about it. Its up to the government to take a stand against illegal immigrants, but they aren't going to do that. So many companies get cheap labor from illegal aliens that it makes products and services less expensive for us. We get rid of all the illegal immigrants, then companies have to pay workers more which means that the country as a whole will have to pay more for goods and services. It will throw off the entire economy. Basically its a no win situation.

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Its the tacos

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Straight is Great!
Democrats want to fill the country with illegal immigrants because they usually vote Democrat. Republicans want to fill the country with illegal immigrants so big business gets cheap labor. Unfortunately it is not just illegal immigrants you must worry about. It is also our government bringing in millions of foreign guest workers while Americans are out of work! There are actually companies out there that teach businesses how to place fake ads (so it looks like they tried to hire an American) and how to NOT hire an American.

Yes we can do something about it. Write and call your Representatives constantly like millions of others.


It is a FARCE that they only do jobs Americans will not do. When they have raided factories and deported the illegals, people were lined up around the block to get those jobs. In California a fence company was fined for hiring illegals. Their wage? Over $60,000/year with FULL benifits. Really, no American will work for over $60,000/year? Recently they interviewed an illegal mexican construction worker in Colorado who stated he was making $30/hour. Really, no American will work for $30/hour?

Many of these illegals work under the table paying no taxes and then collect welfare and food stamps. Many of these illegals use fake or stolen SS numbers paying no taxes and collect welfare and food stamps. Illegal immigrants come from many countries but most come from Mexico.

American jobs should be for Americans FIRST and LEGAL immigrants SECOND!

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I understand what your saying it isn't fair that we lived in this country all our life and we have problems as well not only the Mexicans. Mexicans cheat the government because they get paid cash and still get financial aid (food stamps, welfare, etc) it is very unfair

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I am sure you are just saying this out of frustration. Deep inside you must know that it's not easy for them. Jobs are handed out on a conveyer belt. You areexaggeratingg by saying they are taking all the jobs. That is just not a fact...it may be your feeling, but definitely not a fact.

Good luck in your search...look beyond the trees and see the forest. Everyone has a family and needs to work. We work for money to be able to feed our families.

Stop spending so much time sulking and take some time to search for jobs. There has to be something out there for you...I would start by getting a more positive outlook.

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Illegals will work for next to nothing, and work very hard for that little bit of money offerered.

companies hire mexicans for that reason.

What needs ot be done are massive penalties on companies who knowingly employ illegal workers.

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Go ask your American government...or do you mean to say that illegal mexicans are stronger? who is hiring those illegal mexicans anyway? I am sure it is not Carlos, the owner of Telmex...

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Ok then Americans should go and work in the fields and pick fruits and vegetables. That's what illegal Mexicans are doing. If American's can't find jobs then that's because htey aren't looking hard enough because there is plenty of work to be done. Illegal Mexicans are doing the work that Americans don't want to do. Also company's are taking their factories to other countries including Mexico because it is cheaper to manufacture there. I mean think about it, if you owned a company and you had to pay $8.00 an hour to someone in the States or you could pay someone $10 a day in Mexico, which would you choose? I would go with the $10 a day.

Why don't you ask your mom this question. I mean she came to the US to take American's jobs right?

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Illegal Mexicans have a lot of difficulty finding work, believe it or not. There's a lot of regulations, and agencies that come out to farms, construction sites, etc and check working papers or all employees. It's legal immigrants that are taking our jobs. So by your logic, your mom is stealing our jobs.

Do a little research before you start making accusations.

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The Yeti
Because not many citizens are interested in jobs washing dishes, sewing, or picking fruit.

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