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Why is it illegal to carry more than $10,000 cash?
What if I want to carry my own cash why is that illegal why the limit? Patriot act says this is terrorist drug money but no what if it is mine and I do not use it for this? Should I give up liberties for safety? I dont know if that is right or not. Please advise what will happen if I carry this much cash in violation of the federal law?
Additional Details
Yes only criminals carry 10K in cash like that poster said I guess she is right so if I carry 10K in cash I also am a criminal yes I see now thank you.

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Who carries around $10,000 worth of cash? A criminal- there is your asnwer.

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no it's not my mom can home with ten thousand dollars in cash she won it at the casino

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its not illegal.banks are required to report cash transactions of 10k or more because such transactions are unusual and may be related to criminal activity.you are allowed to have as much cash as you like, however the irs may want you to prove that income taxes have been paid on it.

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Ben Aqui
welcome to Republican Rights.

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It's an arbitrary amount that 'looks suspicious'. They wanted to set a limit, and that was chosen. You can obviously have two transactions each using $9,999 without getting reported to the government. Silly rules, that really accomplish nothing.

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cc ccddcdcdcdcccdcdc
Well try walking down the street and say "I have 10k." and show it. I think you wont last to long.

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Problem Child
Carrying 10,000 is not illegal. I believe you refer to the fact that withdrawals over 10,000 must be reported to the IRS. It still isn't illegal to carry it, the bank just reports it to the IRS. That law pre dates the Patriot Act by a long time as well...

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I share that experience. We called the lawyer, and we got the money back, but the lawyer took 30%... Better than having it all taken away.

P.S. For those who says it's not illegal, tell that to those guys who took my money at the airport. And I didn't even carry cash, it was traveler's checks. They did let me keep the cash on me, which was $200. Note: the checks came from the grandparents.

P.P.S. I dunno why I get some thumbs down ratings, but don't give me a thumb down for something U.S. Customs Agents did. If you have taken over $10,000 dollars, reported over $10,000, and the Customs Agents lets you go, good for you.

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It would be almost physically impossible to carry that amount.
You will have wads flashing every wear, falling out everywear.
Most certainly you could loose it fast in many unimaginable kind of ways, hey it could even get trashed in bad weather!!!
Government what a paper trail to the cash or cheque over $10,000. You really can't physically take it with you. Imagine having to carry a suitcase around! You would be stressed much more on where too stash it. Really keep it in the bank.

Seriously on 9/11 I panicked on the day. Packed my car with cash and water. - Really you can't stash that kind of cash too well.

It It made me realize it seems like such a joke to strive for riches as people do.

The Money got back in the bank safely within a few days. Probably borrowed money at that - I dont recall that part.

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why would you want to carry more than 10 g's of cash anyway? i would be afraid of being mugged, or getting drunk and spending it all at a strip club, best to put it in the bank

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I didn't know it was a violation. It has always been a violation to carry it out of or into the country without declaring it.

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it is not illegal but it will raise some flags. All US bank and securities firms must investigate as to the source of the money to ensure it is not part of money laundering for illegal purposes. Just be prepared to prove where the money came from and that it was obtain and is being used legally.

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I've never heard it's illegal to carry as much cash as you want.

Not smart, but not illegal.

You may be thinking of money laundering banking rules. If you make a cash deposit of over 10 grand, the bank has to report it.

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Its not illegal.

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I call it The Nazification of America.Its all about control over the masses.
The laws apply to all peon's,but the system members all have whats called judicial immunity.
Maybe freer then most,but not truly free.

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You can carry up to $9999.00 but $10,000.00 "draws suspect" as looking for or selling...'whatever'. Stupid illegal DEA regulation that can confiscate your money and give you a BIG hassle, probably costing you lots more of your $$. Even depositing or withdrawing over $9999.00 gets reported, now.
Besides, cash is visible and can be stolen by murderous force. If you've got THAT much, carry plastic or a debit card or machine gun toting bodyguard.
This came about long before there was a "Patriot Act".

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The first link below says that it is not illegal to do so. More accurately, you must *declare* the amount when you enter the U.S. For travel within the U.S., there is no such requirement to declare it, and it is not illegal to carry and/or conceal the money.

The second link indicates that it is the "war on drugs" that led to this law.

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Holy crappola it is ??? That is a bunch of bull **** .

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profiling is wonderful ain't it?

the hell with the three that disagree. it is profiling brought on by the war on drugs. fake wars based on paranoia tend to lead to profiling and other acts of fear. it is a shame that uneducated people like you vote considering you have no clue what happens in the US

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