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James H
Why do the taxpayers have to pay for so many illegitimate children?
It should be considered child abuse if the mother or father continue having children out of wedlock and can't support these kids. It isn't fair to the child nor the taxpayers. They should codify some type of law requiring either the man on welfare or the woman on welfare to be sterilized if they keep producing children while they are on welfare. If they are not on welfare and take no public assistance let them reproduce to their hearts content!
Additional Details
Perhaps sterilization is a little to drastic. Requiring them to use long term birth control while still on welfare is more in line with my thought.

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because kids rule the world lol

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cant beat em, join em!

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Deece 1
I agree with you ! I do not think they should get welfare after 1 illegitimate child ! they should not be eligible .! for any assistance !

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thats how it is

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Well I don't know about being sterilized. But I do think that they could put them on a long term birth control, there is one now that lasts five years and can be removed if your situation changes.

So many regulations need to be changed with the welfare system. So many problems to list.

But then again I don't think I should have to pay a school tax simply because I own a home ( I have no children) Mean while I can name about 17 people who live in apartments have children and have never paid a dime for school tax..hmm what is that about!

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These are the following premises in American society:
It is a good thing to produce children, and actively encouraged.
Children should not suffer for the flaws in their parents, so welfare prgrams are instituted.
Since parents are actively encouraged to produce children, they cannot be penalized for their flaws in doing so. Therefore, welfare to such parents must be allowed to continue.

I don't say that I agree with that logic, but that is the logic. I don't think that, in a world with 6.6 billion people (330 million in the US), that production of children is a good thing. Further, I don't care if someone else's kid dies from the flaws of his parents. And if the parents, themselves, do care about the kid, let them surrender the kid to the agency that provides for the kid.

Obviously, my logic does not prevail. Given the way that I've expressed it, maybe the other side isn't so reprehensible after all?

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Paul Preston
I think if a couple keep having more and more children that they cannot raise with their budget they should be liable for court, fined or the kids taken away from them unless they start using contraceptive metods.

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It's not the child's fault what circumstances it is born into. A so-called "illigitimate" child is no less deserving of food, shelter, health care and love than a so-called "legitimate" child. And while we're on the subject, there is no such thing as an illigitimate child. Children are innocent -- parents who fail in their responsibilities are illigitimate.

And where do you get the idea that taxpayers shouldn't have to support anything with which they disagree, like unmarried women having children? I get that you don't think unwed welfare recipients shouldn't have kids, but where does it end? I don't agree with war, so does that mean we can ge rid of the military? I think Congress is a waste of money, too, so can we lose them?

Also, the sterilization system you're describing was only used once in history, and that was in Germany and northern Europe in the early 1940s. Think about it. Personally, I'd rather not base American policies on anything the Nazis did.

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I don't mind paying for children, it's the lazy parents I have the problem with... why should taxpayers have to pay for adults to live?

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Hater Police
Its not only "illegitimate children" who receive public funds. When couples divorce...the woman is often in jeopardy of falling into poverty.

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Kimberley D
silly Question, not the chilldrens fault.

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Barack Hussein Obama Sr
because it takes a village

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I believe welfare was created for a reason..to help someone for a couple of months or so till they got back on their feet, say after losing a job or whatnot...but I agree, that unwed mothers should be forced to work and support their children. It may lower our taxes, but chances are the taxes would stay the same, and it could be applied somewhere else. As for sterilization, well, that is quite extreme and I do not agree with that, but I see where you are coming from.

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Because that is what well educated, civilized countries do. By giving out welfare, they easing the gap between the rich and poor in an effort to create more opportunities for the poor to escape poverty. Children from very poverty stricken areas will now be able to wear a uniform and have three meals a day thanks to welfare.

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Healthy Person
I bet if you were one of those children you wouldn't be asking this.

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Your solutions have been tried before. But then Hitler was defeated.

I think the illegal children and the anchor babies are more of a threat than Americans shut out of the American dream.

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May you not step over them all on your way to work.

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You can't take away peoples right to reproduce. This isn't China, this is America. It's things like that that separate us from other countries.

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Wow! I don't want to live in the country which adopts the right of the government to force sterilization upon its citizens. Education might be a bit less violent approach to take.

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I totally agree. Our jail system is so full right now where would we put the abusers? If you sterilize them they will cry about their freedom rights. There doesn't seem to be a real solution. I often thought if you get welfare for the first child, you know what having a kid is all about, you should not get anything for having more. This also has a draw back that it would be the innocent child that would be financially hurting and it isn't their fault for being born. So the solution usually ends up hurting the innocent child.

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