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 Adults and confidentiality?
If a student (aged over 16) decided to tell a teacher about self-harm, would that teacher be obliged to tell someone, like parents?
What about a youth group leader? Would they keep it secret if ...

 Do you think this was fair for our neighbor to do this?
Our dog barks at everything. Squirrels, people jogging, the kids next door, you name it. Today, our extremely grouchy neighbor started banging on the door, and since my parents did get up until after ...

 Teen neighbor drives by blasting rap music, can I get her in trouble?
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 Do you think teens should be charged as sex offenders if they send pictures through there phone?
i was watching the news yesterday and some teens sent naked pictures of each other on there phone and now they are being charged as sex offenders should they be charged for that? whats your opion on ...

 Two judicial systems for example...1) Taleban...they can execute with "extreme prejudice" non believers.?
2) Western law......where the worst child molester or "you name it" is given a defense lawyer who is sworn to defend the guy in court. // So which system is better? I'd choose the ...

 South African prosecutors have withdrawn valid criminal charges against Jacob Zuma. Why?
They are civil servants and know this person will be the next PM.
He will be SA's Robert Mugabe. Mark my words....

 Can the police take a car away if it is taxed and tested?
I left a car and came back to find the police had took it away, and later found out they said it was abanded is this legal?...

 Accused of shoplifting?
my best friend was accused of shoplifting. the clerk lied, went to court and lied on the stand. my bff is still in jail (nov 08) and already fired one pub def for not representing her and doing the ...

 Whats considered "sexting"?
like what if its a picture of someones butt... like showing a cut they got..
just wondering.. age matters also?
Additional Details
what if both ppl are 18, and the picture is of an ...

 Since people think they should make double time on Easter, why is it not fair for businesses to charge double?

Additional Details
dustoff, thanks for the half effort at an ...

 Can i press charges on a 18 year old for beating up my 16 year old?

 Revenge on my neighbors?
So they want me to move my fountain from MY land. They all signed a paper saying they want it gone. Also, last year they wanted my land (a beautiful garden) for free. This is so absurd!

 Why is abortion more important to Catholics than executions?
10 ministers from the order that founded Notre Dame does not want President Obama to speak at their commencement this year because he's pro choice.

Yet, they had no problem with the ...

 Will I go to court if I stole less than 10 dollars worth of merchandise?
I got caught stealing sunglasses from H&M downtown boston. The glasses were 7.50 . I was scarred to call my parents so I called my 20 year old cousin to get me. Will I have to go to court? Will ...

 Does anyone know of a Law magazine?
Does anyone know of a law magazine in the UK, preferably one that is student friendly? Something like Psychologies about Psychology?...

 Is there any official definition of "natural born citizen?"?
As in: has the government ever actually stated the definition anywhere?
I know what a natural born citizen is by general definition, but is there any legal/official standing there?
Saying ...

 Is It Illegal To Refuse To Swear Oath On The Bible In Court Or Other Related Situations?
I am an Atheist, and I know that one day or another, whether that be in court or wherever. Who knows. I'm going to be asked to place my right hand over the bible, and swear their little oath. E...

 What happens if someone writes down your license plate number and calls the police to complain?
I was driving down a long hilly road to my friend house, but before that I wanted to smoke a cigarette so I drove all the way at the end of the road and park on the right hand side. And all of a ...

 How can i research a paralegal in Arizona to make sure he is legit and can set aside my felony?

 Were can i find how to get a pale grant.. freedom of info act. shouldnt have to pay anyone to no were?
shouldnt have to pay some greedy person to tellme were to find papers to fill out. were can i find ...

Who can I contact to report work abuse?
First: There is no HR Department here, read more:

What if the person committing the abuse is the owner of the company. I am currently employed at this family ran company comprised of about 30 employees. Mind you, this is an Asian family owned company, and me being Asian, men have strong wills. The owner of the company is the uncle and husband of 3 other managers here. The non-related Manger is Caucasian, and he is our "appointed HR manager" that does nothing HR but set up interviews after the agency finds someone.

The owner of the company has been known to be-little his employees, and this last week I just had enough! I heard him from all the way from 7 offices away yelling at one of my co-workers to the point where she cried and ran out the door. What can us employees do in a situation like this? None of the managers will stand up to the owner because he is superior in position in the company and at home!?

Why did the owner yell? Bare with my story:

The owner has a habit of asking tons of questions thinking that you will "remember" every single issue you work on even if they are 3 months past. He sent an e-mail asking for update on 3 different issues the week prior. On the same day, I replied and copied all parties stating one is complete, the other two was not assigned to me. But I did call CO-1 to confirm if issues were completed and was told "yes". The next day, right when I just clocked in, the owner approaches me and asks for the same status, and I repeated what I said on the e-mail. Than he went to CO-1 to inquire, she was unable to respond Instantaneously since she was dealing with several more critical issues, he was angry and started scolding "what do I pay you for, you always just have pending work, blah blah blah" She only gets $12/hr plus they put her on salary so her pay is capped out, she's been working her for over 7 years... HOW DEGRADING!!! and on top of her loyalty, she gets this shitty treatment. Not the first time BTW...

Anyway, my co was not wrong, it was CO-2 that was assigned the issue and she worked with one of the managers, the Owner's Niece.

All in all the problem escalated because CO-2 did not update the owner in time. Nevertheless, it is WRONG to publicly humiliate your employee.

Who do I report this to within the Los Angeles, CA district. There is nothing internal I can do, can I get them audited or something?

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Yelling at your employees for failing to perform their job duties does not constitute abuse. Its not a good management technique, but its not illegal.

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Alberto E
Get professional legal advice. It's the best way to understand your legal situation and what you can do about it; an attorney can go through the issues with you systematically and see what the problems are and what solutions are available legally. If your co-workers agree with you that they have cause for legal action (since you're evidently not the only one who has problems with the owner), you could get everyone to chip in. That will allow you to good legal advice for just a fraction of the price you would pay if you acted on your own.

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