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Jak O
What should you do if someone forges your signature for a courier delivery? (ie, forgery, theft)?
A pair of tickets were wrongly delivered by courier to another house on my street (the courier records a description of the house after delivery so i am aware of the address)

The recipient crudely wrote my name to sign for the parcel and the copy of the 'manifest' i received from the courier and ticketmaster clearly does not represent my signature at all.

I was wondering what action i should take, i plan to visit the house later this evening. Unfortunatly these are incredibly rare and expensive tickets (now) so i may have missed my last chance to see a band who will probably never tour again! (AC/DC... sad i know!)

Any advice would be much appreciated, if i can't get these tickets back i'd like those who have forged my signature and in effect stolen my tickets to feel the full extent of my wrath.
Additional Details
The guy who signed for the parcel actually wrote my name as the signature if this is helpful?

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Call the police first.

(Saw AC/DC in DC earlier in the tour; they ain't done touring.... )

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call the cops.

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Kemo sabe
Go to the police and present your evidence that a forgery, fraud has taken place.

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You actually need to take this up with Ticketmaster as it is them that have the contract with the courier, not you. Ticketmaster will have agreed terms with the courier, which will include whether or not they can deliver to anywhere other than the specified address.

Ticketmaster are responsible for reimbursing you for the purchase and should also report the matter to the police. There is nothing to stop you going to the police too.

Ticketmaster so far have not fulfilled their contractual obligation - they agreed to sell you tickets and a set price and have not yet provided you with the tickets (it is their contractor who has failed here), so how are they proposing to resolve it?

Good luck, I hope you manage to resolve it.

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Report this to the Police.

Call your credit card company that you purchased the tix with to get the ball rolling for a refund.

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Sue the courier - they have a duty to deliver to the correct address/person.

If they have delivered to the wrong house then they have broken the contract - they should refund you - check with Citizens Advice Bureau.

Otherwise - the courier will need to attend the house in question and personally identify the person who signed for them - then you have theft and possibly obtaining goods by deception - that then becomes a police matter.

Chase the courier first and get onto the ticket agent - see if they can help or issue replacement tickets.

AC/DC - not sad dude - seen them loads of times - couldn't get tickets for the next tour - but you'll have a great time if you can sort out your tickets problem

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You should report this to the police immediately.

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Eagle1 Fox2
You should definitely let the police know as this person has in fact committed a crime.

In most states, this would fall under the definition of theft, which as an example from Alabama, would be defined in the following manner:

Theft of property - Definition.
A person commits the crime of theft of property if he or she:

(1) Knowingly obtains or exerts unauthorized control over the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of his or her property;

(2) Knowingly obtains by deception control over the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of his or her property;

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joan k
Contact the Police, don't attempt to confront this person yourself. You would also have a case for suing the courier firm.

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If it were me, I would go to the house immediately! The signer may not have realized, they were supposed to sign their own name. Many times, the deliverer will be in a hurry and not be clear. I've had everyone from FedEx, UPS, and the United States postal service knock on my door, stick an electronic clipboard in my hand and just say they have a delivery. I've had to ask who the package is for and I know I'm supposed to sign my own name, not the person who's name is on the package.

UPS has an automatic $100 insurance refund on packages for damage or missdeliverly (sp?) I'm not sure about FedEx or the U.S. Postal service. I'm not sure you would be able to prove the person, who signed for your package did it intentionally just to receive what was not theirs. If you are, I doubt you would be able to get a DA to prosecute a case like this. In civil court, the most you would probably receive is for the price of the tickets. No pain and suffering, although I realize you may, indeed be be having both right now. :-( Good luck!

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Go and knock on the door of the house who signed for your tickets and ask for the parcel that was left for you.

If they deny receiving it, tell them that you and the delivery guy have proof that they signed for it and if necessary, you will go to the Police.

You will most probably find that they wrote your name, not signed your name, because they didn't know any better. When I started out signing for packages, many years ago, that I didn't know whose name to write.

If you don't get the tickets, contact your supplier and they should be able to cancel those tickets, give you a replacement and if the other tickets are used, they should call the police.


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