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 An Inside Job Break in?
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 I hentai legal in UK?
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What is the normal time served for a probation violation?
My husband has served so far almost 4 years for a violation and while hes been in there hes told me about people getting out in less than 24 months. whats going on?? Hes not up for parole until December.

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Brandy F
I have to agree with the others, it depends on his charges, the time he was sentenced to the first time, what he did to violate his probation this time, if he's been in trouble while in prison, everything adds up. They may just make him finish his original sentence for the violation.

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jeeters walinds
well ok when you have a probation violation they can be nice and have him serve x amount of time and let him out on good behaveir but they can also if they feel he is a flight risk or will do it again keep him in for the remander of what he been senticed too it also may be based on how backed up the courts are and things like that say for me when i was on probation i was on 6 months and then no longer on papers if i where to have a vialtion i could have served those 6 mounths in jail instead so if he was on for four years they could hold him in jail for four years the best idea is to ask a lawer about it and see what they say most lawers now give free constilation and can tell you what is going on i hope this gives some answer to it

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if he violated his probation, they can make him serve his whole sentence. most of the time people only serve a percentage of the sentence. but when you violate you kinda forfeit that.

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Cold Hard Fact
There is obviously something you are not telling us.
First, was he on probation or parole? There is a big difference.
Second, was he on probation for something minor like a DUI, or something major like rape?
Third, did he have a public defender or private counsel?
Fourth, is this his first violation? Second? Third?
Fifth, how did he violate? By committing child molestation or by not meeting his probation officer?

Answer me that and I will help you

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Maybe he shouldn't have broken the law in the 1st place...but you should probably look into a website that deals with it.

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Sunshine B
It depends on the crime and the severity of it before he was put on probation and how my years he would have to do in jail or state prison for that crime. Depending on his probation violation, he could actually do his time. Like for example: If he received an extreme charge that he could, do lets say 5 to 10 years for, but was put on probation for at least 5yrs, then turn around and violate that probation with another or the same charge, then yes 9 times out of ten, he would do 5yrs in jail and not the whole ten. Im from Texas and here if you where on deferred adjudicated probation for 10yrs, you can do 1/3 of that probation and be off in 3yrs instead of the whole 10yrs. But you cant have any violations either. So yes if he was given 5yrs prison but instead was put on probation, and he violated that with a similar or even worse charge, then yes most likely, depending on the Judge, he would do the 5yrs in jail or state prison. I hope this was a little helpful to you. Its not good to get your probation revoked! You will do your time or less. Oh and when he gets out, tell him don't get into anymore trouble, cuz the next time he may be in there a little longer than 4yrs. He'll get his parole..

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Sun S.
That depends on the charges and the sentencing. Are those people who getting out before you husband charged with the same violation and did they receive the same sentence? By the way, another factor that plays into everything is your husbands prior record and his behavior in incarceration.

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Meagan Jones
Every situation is different.

What's going on is your husband is comparing his situation with others and that just doesn't work.

How many times did he violate?
What was the nature of his violation?
How many times has he been incarcerated?
Has he been in trouble while locked up?

There are plenty of reasons to explain what's going on.

The whole story needs to be looked at though not just part pf it.

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