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What is the most amount of money you are legally allowed to keep in your home.?
I am fed up with the bank and have to care 24/7 for my sick Mother and am missing out on claiming certain benefits for her because of having savings. It seems to me that I am being punished for having 8yrs worth of hard earned cash and it is rapidly disappearing before my very eyes and I hate to resort to keeping money at home but feel I have no choice. So what is the legal amount I can keep at home. Thanks.
If you have any alternative ideas on what I could do I would welcome those too as this is an absolute last resort for me. Thankyou

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You can keep as much as you want.

Why not use a different bank?

Pulling your money out of the bank is a bonehead move.

It just hurts the whole situation.

And unless you are rich, your money if safe where it is.

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There is no LAW or legal matters about keeping money in your own house. It only apply in any airlines when u travel...

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andy w
You can keep any amount you want to in your home.

What's your address, when are you going out??

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how funny that you wish to disclose to the entire world that you are going to keep large sums of money.

Could you just add additional details as to how much?

and when you'll be out lol

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$10 Dollars. I use banks. They pay you to keep your money there.

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Take all your cash out and horde it like you do with cats.

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You can keep as much as you want..... just be wise about it...

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sheila l
as much as you like watch out fot e crooks they like people like you

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You can keep as much as you want in your home!

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I do not think there is a legal amount of money you can keep at your home, but, you could get robbed. If it is in the bank you are protected by F.D.I.C. Your mother can gift money to you. But If you are getting special services for her yes, they want to know her income. If she has too much money or owns a home, they will certainly want a piece of her assets. My bosses mom sold her home to him for $1.00.
(that was years ago though) Not a lawyer so don't know. bet you could google it though!

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noitall Yorkshire England (U.K.)
If you remove savings from the bank in order to claim benefits you will be treated as if you still have those savings (you still do have them)!

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robert c
There is no fixed limit!I believe there is a limit on the amount of gold you can own though!

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Put some in s safety deposit box..it don't cost much

but you should have one anyway for DEEDS, Insurance policies
passports, ID's and Birth Certificates..etc etc...don't bury your money
in the ground or a mattress...a fire or some robber could get your dough

I have some EURO< YEN from Japan,, Pesos, and even Philippine

Pesos..I travel a lot and with the current fluctuations in currency you

should buy some gold..it is safe to have up to ten grand at home but

not more and don' t put it all in one spot..keep it in coins and it won't

get bad..I have a lot of silver money and stamps too.but it took years

but I don't keep it in one spot

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My wife allows me 50 Euros

but seriously - I think it is irrelevant what is legal - if you wish to hied it (and hide it well!) then I'd go for it!

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.For a start see age concern as they can give some good tips on benefits also citizens advice.i had to sort my parents finances out it was a mine field .There are guidelines for most benefit's but there are ways and means of claiming what is rightfully your mums . Ask around your relatives and friends amazing the different ideas people have that can work to your advantage .

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Pam B
as everyone else has said you can keep as much money at home as you wish...but if your mother needs caring for then it is her who should be claiming assistance from the government in the form of carers allowance which you will then receive from her. Speak to social services who will guide you and help with form filling etc.

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Ruth S
You can keep millions of dollars if you want to! There is no law against stashing money at home! I have already decided my mattress is the safest place for MY money!!! But, in your case, Get yourself a fireproof safe! That's a must, and anchor it to the floor so nobody can just walk away with it! Start drawing your money out of savings, not all at once, when you have it all out, then go put in a claim for those benefits! If they ask you where the money went, say, you spent it taking care of your mother, food, rent, insurance or whatever! It's none of their business! Don't tell them you have it stashed in your house! Just keep enough money in your checking account for the electric bill and things like that! Don't be going buying expensive items, such as a car or jewelry. Keep a low profile, and for goodness sakes don't tell anybody about the money!!

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ya ya ya
theres no limit, just buy a fireproof box and wrap it plastic
hide it somewhere good!!!!

get a weapon too, and don't ever ever tell anyone you have it there.

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Why is there a limit on the amount of money you can keep at home?

God, democrats are evil!

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there is no limit to the amount of cash you can keep at home, but to claim benefits you cant just draw the cash out then apply for benefits, you will have to wait a while or have proof you have spent it, the other thing is if you keep the cash at home and there is a house fire etc you may lose the lot, the best bet is to transfer the cash into a child's account, this way its tax free & its the inheritance. good luck.

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Johnny Decca
If you are in the UK, I would consider buying some Premium Bonds before all your money runs out. You won't get interest but you have a chance of winning - like the lottery except you can claim your original amount back.
I don't know whether Premium Bonds are considered savings for benefit purposes but it's worth investigating.
I would also talk to your local Carer's services and get advice from them.

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Welcome To England
There is no legal limit whatsoever; you can literally have as much money as you want in your house. In the extremely unlikely event you were ever raided by the police for something else, however, it might be wise to be able to substantiate the cash and prove you came by it legally.

It probably isn't wise to hide it at home, however - if you had a robbery, floor or fire - your savings would be gone. Instead, spread the amount out and invest it in three of four high street banks, all of whom are safe and guaranteed as long as the savings don't exceed £25,000 (in bank).

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roger e
The best thing to do and the safest is to open a off shore bank account.I had a bank account in Jersey to avoid paying income tax.
You can still get money out using an ATM in the UK but your money is not legally in the UK but Jersey.You will have no liabilities and you do not have to declare any money held outside the UK

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No limit but a great risk if the amount is substantial.

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you can have as much as u want. just keep it safe, there are robbers out there and they break into any were. when i was like 4 my family lived in an apartment on the top floor, my parents slept in the living room while me and my brother had our own room. we got robbed one night when everyone was home and sleeping so just keep it in a safe place

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gavin t
its your home.....u can have sex with a sheep in some stats. just have doc on your pay checks and update memos saying its yours.

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You can have as much money as you want in your own house! The problem is proving how you've spent it and not stashed it away so that you can claim.

I'd start with a gambling problem lol.

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there is no limit for this. it doesnt exist.

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As much as you want. I would recommend buying a safe though, which oddly enough is one of the businesses that is booming right now. Several store in my city have sold out!

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Savings are savings regardless of where you keep them. If you remove them from the bank and claim that you no longer have them this will be suspicious and it will be looked in to.

I also thought that the Government would not touch the last £22k of your savings when looking after relatives

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