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What is the legal status of brass knuckles in Maryland?

Additional Details
Despite what people are responding with here, I'm 100% positive Brass Knuckles are not illegal in the entire United States. They're regulated under state law, for example brass knuckles are definitely illegal in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. However I don't know the status in Maryland. If you can provide an answer it would be appreciated if you could cite your source (law code in preferable). Thank you for your help :)

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Brass Knuckles are not legal in any of the united states.

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and why would you want brass knuckles?

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Alice W
By the minus I guess you didn't got the answer you wanted to hear. We can't change the law to please your hears.

Brass knuckles (metal knuckles) are classified as a weapon in Maryland and carrying them is still illegal, the code makes distinction between concealed or open carry so that means no carry at all:

(c) (1) A person may NOT WEAR or CARRY a dangerous weapon of any kind CONCEALED ON OR BOUT THE PERSON.

If you use them is a fight you will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Also read about this guy who was caught in Maryland

If you still think you know better than us go ahead and do whatever you want but you will land in jail.

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Legal to own, illegal to carry concealed. §4–101 of the Criminal Code defines "metal knuckles" as a weapon, and this same statute makes carrying a dangerous weapon concealed illegal.
While wearing on the hands is not "concealed," it can easily be interpreted as brandishing them or preparing to use them unlawfully, a separate law.

You can buy them, keep them at home, play with them in the yard or in the house. But don't carry them in public.

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