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 Question about gay marriage in NY, RI, NM?
Supposively, in those 3 states, there are no laws that prohibit gay marriage.

but they do not officially recognize gay marriage.

I thought if there's no law ...

 Does finding something valuable and keeping it constitute as theft?

Additional Details
macll;i am indeed referring to the lost lottery ticket,and your answer sounds very ...

 What is the worst action a nurse could take that would ruin their nursing license?
This question is not meant to be funny or to be taken lightly. It also should not include the harming of a patient either. From a legal perspective what is the worst thing/action a nurse could take ...

 Can I evict my Girlfriend?
My girlfriend and I have been going out together 3 years. In that time we have lived 1 week in hers and 1 week in mine depending on what shift I am on. My house is nearly paid for with £38,000 to go....

 How do you have your own minor children show up to testify in court?
Father is modifying custody from mother having sole to joint custody, fair visitation and removal of alimony. Mother now wants more child support and is against Father having more visitation or ...

 Can you get in trouble if you wear an Anarchy sign?
Anarchy meaning rebellion against police & Government???????????...

 Will i be able to pass a background check help?
Ok heres what my record looks like: i have one theft 1 felony for theft (bad check writing on my own account) and 2 theft 2 misdemeanors(same reason) as well as 3 theft 3 misdemeanors (dining and ...

Hi everyone,

I filed my taxes with HR Block about 2 months ago; my experience was horrible. To make a long story short:

The agent who filed my taxes made a mistake on my taxes....

 How do you write a defense for a trail case?
In our Humanities class we will be doing a pretend trail on how the US is responsible for destroying the Ladakhi culture. All of us are guilty for this crime in this case and now each of us needs to ...

 Will I be in Contempt of Court?
I am in the midst of a temporay court order with my ex boyfriend who has visitations rights every other weekend. Our daughter is 20 months old and was hospitalized for several days. She was just ...

 New funny picture website - copyright help?!!?
OK, to get some extra money, I was thinking of setting up a website on which people email in funny pictures or videos they make which are then displayed on the website. (To get money I was going to ...

 I have to appear in court because of this BS. How should I approach this?
Two weeks ago, I was jogging in the park when a rottweiler came out of nowhere and started chasing me. I thought it was a stray at first. When it finally caught up with me it bit my pant leg and I ...

 What if the United States Constitution had not been ratified?
I would like a couple of opinions, whole paragraphs would be nice

Just opinions, thoughts, ...

 Dad's yelling for me to log off and go to bed......but its the weekends, yes??....whats up with THAT ?
and he lied too.....he said if i cleaned the cat litter i could stay up late

(he's yelling again......)

eerrrrrr.....ITS NOT RIGHT YO !!!!!!!...

 Will you go to jail if you talk someone into committing suicide?

Additional Details
A rhetorical ...

 What is the average discovery period for a lawsuit?
What is the average length of the discovery period for a lawsuit....

 Is it true that New Labour received kick backs from foreign aid donations?
I heard a rumour.

Is there any evidence?...

 Is it true that Damian McBride is going to spill the beans on New Labour funding?
I heard a rumour that New Labour are bankrupt and are just selling out the UK electorate to fill their pockets.

Can you provide any evidence?...

 How do i collect money owed to me from a private person?
A guy stole my bike and was caught, the judge sentenced him and stated in writing that he pay restitution to me. He has never paid....

 Porfessional way to fire an attorney?
My attorney fees have skyrocketed and I want to cut ties with the firm. I have decided to go it on my own. I'm extremely upset with their work but should I do it with good taste, ...

What does a child support lien mean?
My friend recieved a notice that he had a lien on real property even though he is paying the child support judgement. What does this mean?
Additional Details
thank you for your answers. So if he has a joint bank account with his fiance, will the bank accounts be frozen or does this only occur if he is not paying?

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It means that there is a judgment on child support arrears that has been recorded in the county property records. When the property is sold, that judgment has to be satisfied at or before closing.

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It means that when he goes to sell the property however much the court says he owes will be taken off the top before he sees a dime.

Edit: The account will not be touched, that would be double jeopardy. The lein is on the property, the deposit will be garnished by the amount the state says he owes.

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A Child Support Lien is a hold placed on property (such as land and cars) until
past-due child support is paid. These liens will be placed without a court hearing.
Child support liens must be paid off (satisfied) or released before the parent can
sell the property. A lien is automatically placed when past-due support is $500 or

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