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 I have a pretrial conferance coming up for a dui/ marijuana metabolite charge. Are they going to drug test me?
I understand if i am on probation that they will. But i'm wondering if they will drug test me before the actual trial or sometime during the pretrial conference or even right after the ...

 Does anyone know what the Pennsylvania Law states regarding children and homework?
Any state codes would be ...

 If Texas succeeds from the Union does that mean?
Texas seniors won't get their social security?
Additional Details
Gillie: Thanx for the spelling correction. I wish Q/A had spell check when asking questions....

 Is it legal to put stamps of a website on a dollar?

Additional Details
Well I want to put a website on a bunch of dollars. Kinda like advertisement. I've seen people write on them before but never put like something permanent on it. ...

 Anyone know of a web site were you can track recent crimes in your neighbor hood?

 Would an autistic 14-year-old, suspected of murder, be allowed to stay at home with parents before his trial?
The police are not 100% positive he murdered, and the boy otherwise seems stable....

 Was it Right, What I DID?!?
The French Teachers typed a piece of paper tthat in a large font face, said "Please use Polite and Proper language. Merci :)" and put it on my locker. It was because I make innapropriate ...

 Can a UK high school teacher keep that a child self harms and wants to kill themself confidential?

 My business partner is threatening to wind the company up can he do this wuithout my consent?
I started a business about seven years ago and I and a business colleague put 50% each into starting it. I used to own 50% of the shares. I since had to move to the US with my husband and take a ...

 Do you have to "prove" you are a Jew to take Channukah off under EEOC laws?

Additional Details
Religious holy days, practices, and observances are protected under eeoc....

 Legal question!!! Please, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
This is really a friend, not me.

I have a friend who was in a car accident in June of 2008. She went to therapy for several months for other pain from the accident, but they couldn't ...

 What's the U.S. law about title transfer with forgotten property included?
For isntance, if I find $5000 cash in a blank envelope a month after I purchased a used car from a dealership, can I keep it and not have to report it?...

 I'm being harassed at work by more than half the office as well as managers?
I have been at my job for almost two years. I started being sexually harassed my first week at my job by the top manager in the office he would make comments that were rude and make me feel awkward O...

 Can a parent legally take possessions from their teen?
Can a parent legally take a possession (say, a laptop or phone) from their teenager (16-17 years old) in NY State? Would that be stealing?
Additional Details
*EDIT* thanks for the input ...

 Can i be terminated while under doctors care? i was informed of the companies intentions to terminate?
worse in order to keep my job i had to move to work where i could answer emergency calls cuz i have no license. But they knew i didnt when they hired me. I dont want to put my family in a situation ...

 Will a person be held in contempt of court for refusing to appear when court ordered?
son and ex were ordered in Mediation by the Judge and she refused to sign papers and pay the fee will she be held in ...

 What is pleading "No Contest" ?
What does it mean to plea "No Contest"?

Also why would a person that would plea"No Contest" not plea "Not Guilty"?
Additional Details
Yah that ...

 How long roughly will my ex get for ABH?
He attacked me randomly in my house completely unprovoked. He smashed a box into my head causing me to have 4 stitches and now they say even though they want to get him for GBH they can't as ...

 What is what you think for example of the differences marriages and divorce of Sarkozy?

 How do you file your own criminal case?
I recently got the crap beat out of me and the DA will not take my case so therefore im going to file my ...

What are the punishments in truancy in Tennessee?
is it possible that the following are actual punishments in TN for truancy:

1 or 2 parents in jail & live w. a family member.

have to go to summer school - but my grades are fine...

have a police officer come in the mornings to make sure I definitely make it to school no matter what - unless I'm puking my brains out.

have to take some big test that proves I've learned something despite my absences.

have to go to a special studying camp or something - I don't know why I thought of that...

be super-fined and then having something else bad happen .

are any of these punishments ?
if so, which ones ?!

p.s., i'm wondering what i should say to the people as I have absolutely no good reason for being absent all those days. and also, i wasn't even absent the maximum days, but just under it!
Additional Details

meaning if i have to go to truancy court more than 3 times ?

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You can actually get life in prison if you're truant more than 3 times in one school year.

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My daughter had excessive truancies in Knox county. i had to go to a lecture with about 60 other parents while the superintendent told us what horrible parents we were. they told us if it continued we could do a weekend in jail.

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