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 In CANADA, question about rights upon arrest?
or maybe not arrest. I was pulled over, held for an hour than took my breathalyzer, failed than drove home. Now my two questions are that according to the police report I was (A) held for 53 minutes ...

 Is talking online and on the phone with a minor illegal?
My cousin has a friend in another state who she's NUTS about. I'm worried that shes going to get him in trouble, because she's 16 and he's 23. I know that actually having sex in ...

 So if i sell the gun to my friend what forms do we need to have to make the sale legal?
i want to sell my gun to my friend and i want to make sure i do it legally what do i need to have to make it ...

 I renewed an overdue book today. I am getting charged for today. Is she right?
I had a book that was overdue and I renewed it today. the lady who works there said i would be charged for today even though I renewed it today. Is that right?...

 What should I wear to my DUI arraignment tommorow? I am a sales manager at a med sized auto dealer?

 Do you have to sign anything for Guys Gone Wild to use your picture?
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 What is the legal term for a type of statement in which the accused denies the truth of a charge in a trial?
I'm having a brain fart.

Thank you!...

 If you get a divorce but only one person owns the home how does that work if the other spouse wants it?
Well the title to the house does not have my name on it, just his.
Additional Details
I live in West Virginia
When we bought the house, we were together but not married....

 3 Reasons why people should wear seatbelts?

 Is time to retain legal council for my parents?
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 What happens with this MIP?
i m on probation and got a MIP for misdemeanor theft
what will happen
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i got a MIP while i was on probation for mis. theft....

 Where can I find crime statistics for Catonsville, Md?

 Is it illegal to date your counselor?
I have a counselor that ive been going to since november. Something strange happened yesterday. I was having a bad day and i was crying during our session. He then came and sat by me and put his ...

 Roomate wont fix their damages to the apartment what can I do to make her pay for the damages?
We are moving out of an apartment and will have the the landlord going through this week. All of the roommates have moved out and I went back to make sure everything was out of the apartment and ...

 What does it mean when a judge issues a citation to an attorney?
Is it just a slap on the hand or what? An attorney failed to notify me of a vacated hearing so the judge said he was issuing a citation....

 What is the legal status of brass knuckles in Maryland?

Additional Details
Despite what people are responding with here, I'm 100% positive Brass Knuckles are not illegal in the entire United States. They're regulated under state ...

 Im a beneficiary my sisters no what money and accounts are left so does the executer how do i find out?

 Underglows in kansas... illegal or not?
i live in kansas and i am getting ready to put underglow on my car and i was wondering what colors are legal and what colors are not legal, and can i have them blinking,,,


 Why is it that when someone is in court there is always someone drawing them?

 What if the person being assulted do attend court?
if you have been assulted and went and took out a warrent and don't want to attend court what will ...

tonya p
What are my rights-living in husbands grandmother's house?
My husband's grandmother has gotten sick and is no longer in need of her house. She is letting us stay there. We do not pay rent. The house is paid for. I have two children from a previous relationship. My husband is wanting to divorce now. I don't want to try to stay in the house, but he's expecting me to just pack and leave today. I have nowhere to go. He has been physically violent on several occasions. He even told me he was going to have someone else harm me or kill me. He told me the other day that he was going to kill me. What are my rights?
Additional Details
No, his name is not on the deed. His name is actually on the deed to the house his brother is living in. It's a crazy situation. My husband was married before and bought a house. He got divorced and is letting his brother, who has a family, stay in his house. My husband moved in with his grandmother to help take care of her. She is now in a home, and was getting ready to deed her home to my husband.

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u have no rights to his grandmothers house,you are not paying rent so you are not a renter

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Patrick G
You have the right to protect yourself and your children.

Leave and go to a shelter. Get your things later with the Marshal.

Your husband, if he is as violent as you are portraying doesn't give a crap about your rights.

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He will need to follow the EVICTION laws of your state in order to "kick" you out.

If he is making harmful threats, you can file a police report and get a restraining order (meaning, so what if its his grandmother's house, is his name on the deed???), and he can be removed from the premises, until you find a place to live.

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Dark Angel
For your safety and that of your children, you should consider moving out as soon as possible, to a women's shelter if possible. Although you could get a restraining order from the police and have him removed from the premises, there is still the possibility that he could return. As for his threatening you, call the police. If he was physically violent and you didn't call the police at the time, that was a mistake. Don't make the same mistake again. Abusive people do not care about the rights of others. When you go to retrieve your belongings, have a police escort.

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