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What all does a background check show?
Any links to great helpful websites will get 10pts

Do background checks show up mental health information? I've never been admitted to a hospital or anything, I was just treated for depression in my childhood.

Is there an age at which the background check is applicable? (ex. 18 or 21, or is it your whole life?)

I know the obvious things, like felonies... no problem there... the only thing I'm worried about is my personal mental health info.

Also, do different employers get more information than others, or how does that work? (Like police departments)

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I believe they show everything since adulthood. and I mean EVERYTHING

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Private <}:-})
In a background check,
it's not only what you have told them,
but also, what you have "omitted,"
which can be guilt by "omission." <}:-})

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Employers run a criminal and credit background check. Convictions, bankruptcies and the like show up. Mental health issues do not.

- Stuart

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Bob T
Your best bet is to look at all the services offered here: http://www.eFindOutTheTruth.com - The Background Check Superstore!® In an answer to your question no mental health records are not a matter of public record and do not show up on a background check. Background checks cannot be conducted on individuals 18 years of age and over. Finally, yes employers have the option of conducting any type of background check they want. Obviously, the price of the search is in direct porportion to the depth of the search. Most businesses run basic checks but if you are applying for a position with children, police, military, or a very high paying job you can bet that a much more extensive search will be conducted.

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Linda R
Background checks are used to basically let employers or landlords know if you have committed any crimes which will hinder your employment or effect your ability to pay rent.

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Antonio D
Back Ground checks depend on which agency conducts them...Speaking on the military side of the house...here's what happens...Most of the checks such as criminal records, court records, and financial records are pulled from public and private sources which sell this information...(ex. Credit Agencies)....Medical Records are a different story...It has to do with Patient-Doctor confidentiality...Unless there was a public record of it (Arrested and pleaded insanity...or a Court order to put you in an institution) They are not really going to find out, unless you either volunteer the information or give them signed permission to check your medical records...Doctors will not release the info without it...and then maybe...Other things they are looking for in medical records are indications of drug or alcohol abuse or treatment...Things as a minor don't really count on a background check...If the background checks include interviews...(required for Govt. Clearances) they can find out through friends or family...So if you don;t want them to know...Tell family and friends who know to keep quiet....But bottom line...No, not unless you tell them ..Take Care

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Depends on the thoroughness of the check.

To work on a nuclear reactor you would have to divulge your medical history (mental health and all) but you would have had to give permission for them to get your medical history.

The adverage job does not require, nor are they privy to your medical history.

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Your regular background checks shouldn't touch your medical history. If you were to take a drug test, some prescription meds with addiction potential taken currently for treating depression (tricyclics, benzodiazepines) would show up if tested for, in which case an explanation would be in order. Since in your case it was a long time ago, it's not be a concern.

To sum things up, here's what is usually checked:

- Criminal History
- Employment History
- Education History
- Credit History (possible)
- Moving Violations (possible)
- Drug testing (possible - different substances might be checked for, depends on the specific company)
- Violent Sex Offender Registry (possible)
- Worker's Comp Claims

For more details of what background checks cover, read this:


For more details of what drug tests cover, read this:


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