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 Should all drugs be legalized here in the United States? Why or why not?
The "War on Drugs" is obviously a losing battle. Like it or not, illegal drugs are out there. Because of the fact that they are illegal, there are people illegally selling them. If there ...

 EASY QUESTION!! help 10 points 10 points!?

shoplifting - crime/not crime
driving at 34 mph through a 30 mph speed zone - crime/not crime
racial harassment - crime/not crime

 Does it take two people to make a baby?
I have something that as a woman I cannot figure out.

A woman when she is pregnant can either kill her baby or keep it.

If she decides to keep it, she can force the man to pay ...

 How do you feel about the way certain christians force their way of beliveing on you?
i know that not all christains are like this. let me clear that up for you, but i have run into MANY christains who do. i dont think its right, thats the main reason why i dont like being around ...

 Husband had an accident on his brothers atv. Should I sue?
The atv belongs to his brother. The place the accident happened was brother's, in-laws home property. My husband is now a quadriplegic on a ventilator for the rest of his life. My husband said ...

 Vick pleaded guilty, and the NAACP stated he should still be allowed to play?
So does the NAACP take up for criminals now?

Did they change to the National Association for the Advancement of Criminal people?...

 Should I report sexual harassment?
I have a close friend. This friend has a girlfriend. He has told me many times that his girlfriend is sexually harrased at her workplace. Not only her, but all of her co-workers (who are all women) ...

 For or against stem cell research?
I'm not trying to start a war, just interested in the general opinion. Personally I think it is wrong.
My partner thinks it is ok and we were having a debate in the car about it this ...

 Abortion should there be some case when it is excuseable?
does anyone else support abortion in the instance when the fetus is determined unfit as in a syndrome or some other way unviable?

Additional Details
i certainly understand ...

 Can I report someone having sex with a minor?
A "friend" of mine admitted to me via myspace that he had sex with a girl 5 years his younger. He's the kind of person that preys on girls with low self-esteem and I worry for the ...

 Can a man convicted of child rape 10 yrs ago be forced to register as a sex offender today?
If a man raped and was convicted (served 3 years) for raping a 10 year old girl child almost 10 years ago be forced to register as a convicted child molester/rapist today?...

 Just what the hell is it with cops?
They seem to suspect ANYONE and EVERYONE of SOMETHING, although they haven't done anything!...

 If someone kills someone do you think they should be killed?

 Racism against White People?
Why do we focus so much on the oppresion of minorities (black, hispanics, asians) from the past and correcting the actions of our grandfathers that we oppress the oppressors of the past (whites) now? ...

 Bring back hanging in u.k....if beyond doubt..dna etc....stop all the killing...knives/guns/gan...
if people know that if they are found guilty beyond doubt for comitting a fatal crime would they do it .....i.e , if some one killed some one with a knife ..police had all the dna/cctv etc ..etc.......

 O.j just got convicted! What does he face?
what sentence do u think the judge would give him? Could he really get life with no parol?...

 If a child is adopted ...does the biological parent have any legal rights?

 Anyone believe Sadam should be released?
Currently this summer, Iraq's have died at a rate of 1000 per month. This was more than under sadam. Sadam had to act like an *** because his people are heathens. It wasnt him ordering killings, ...

 If one of my employees calls out sick, are they protected by HIPAA when I ask them for a more specific reason?
The other day, one of my employees called out sick. When they came back in, I asked for a more specific reason and/or a doctor's note. They refused saying that because of HIPAA they didn't ...

 What are the penalties for purposely killing a dog?
My buddy got really mad at his 8 month old German Shepard. He snapped and beat the dog to death with his fist. This happened in Warrensburg, MO. He has three witnesses agaisnt him. We just want to ...

Jamal J
This white woman keeps begging me to impregnate her with no strings attached, should I?
She said she's always wanted to have a biracial child but she is currently married to a white man.

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No you shouldn't. She's married so its wrong.

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Of course, don't pass up a chance to boink a woman for free. Just boink her and run. If she wants to get stuck with a baby that's her problem.

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No. idiot.

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Let's look at it this way, has a woman ever told you that there are no strings attached and as it turns out there are strings attached? Impregnate her if you want, but I guarantee you there are strings attached.

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Does the husband want a biracial child too? If the answer is no, don't mess with it. If it is yes, which would be a little freaky, go for it, unless he wants to partake to.

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No...find an unmarried white woman. Never mess with a marriage...although I'm 99.9% sure you are making up a bunch of baloney with this one.

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your messing with fire

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I would run from that ****

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What is this, a life time dream you been having? If this was true, I doubt you'd be asking anyone's opinion, you'd just jump right on!

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James Louis
No, because you are hurting her hubby and family.

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There are always strings attached. You could end up having to support the child until he or she reaches maturity. Are you prepared to do that? What happens when the man she is married to finds out? Will there still be no strings attached? If I were you I would stay far away from this woman and this situation. There are too many "what ifs" and too many "strings".

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Absolutely not. Sounds like you'd be getting yourself involved in a mess of trouble.

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This is under you consent. But, I don't think I would want to do that. >___> No strings attached? Scary. Wouldn't she be better off going to a sperm bank?? o.o

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Haleiwa Bound

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Are you serious? Don't do it. Tell her to go marry a black man. And why would you not want to be a part of a life that you helped create?

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You're full of ****.

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yeah man, go tap that azz. make her sign a paper showing her consent or your black azz will be in jail.

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