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devon lass
Smoking ban...in my car?
At my workplace we have been told we cannot smoke outside, on the premises.
I park in a staff & delivery car park, can I still smoke in my car even though it's on the premises?
There doesn't seem to be any info about these details, does anyone know?
I will give up when I want to & when I'm ready to, so no 'give up' comments please!
Additional Details
I am in Devon, UK & my car is my own, this is what I find extra annoying, I can't even smoke in my own car now?! Grrr! lol

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wow devon, do you live in the peoples republic of california?

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RED (green's sister)
It would prob be allowed in ur car i cant see how they could stop u. This happened in Ireland when r ban came in a few years back. What was happening was that the people who smoked just went directly to the front of the building to smoke as u do. and 1 i suppose it didnt look good having 20 r 30 people smoking outside the main door and 2 u still had the problem of non smokers having to pass through all the smokers on the way in a out of work. Although im sure they would have to arrange a smoking area sometimes these are sheds r shelters away from the building r out side the car parks ect. thats what most companies here did. Becauses as u said just cause there is a ban ppl r still going to b smokers so i dont know if they have to provide a place for u by law but most companies will as a good will gesture.

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Faye Prudence
If you cannot smoke on the premises that means that if your car is on the "premises" you can't smoke in it. I know, I hate that. The state of Indiana has passed a law that goes into affect on July 1. If you have passengers under 13 in your vehicle you cannot smoke.

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Xiao Ke
Drive your car just outside of the premises then light up a bong and smoke away like a good old chimney from Charles Dickens time. Just to get ratty

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Robin F
Quick answer - No, you can only smoke in a designated area within the premises. You cannot smoke in your car when it is on the premises.

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aint got a clue,ive been told u can get fined for throwin ur fag out the window thoe

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Difficult one this .... you are in your own private car and not in an enclosed ( or substantially enclosed ) public area. However, you are within the confines of the workplace and they can call the shots if they think it does not comply with the law or is bad for other employees. You need simply to ask your HR department or general manager about this. They may agree that you car is your own private space and let you do it ... I would have thought that it was no big deal anyway. My only comment is that the car will one day be someone elses ( possibly ) and you really need to act with some consideration. I mean, presumably other people may travel in it? I inherited a company vehicle from a heavy smoker ... the smell and nicotine staining took months to remove and made me feel sick. Oh, you are kidding yourself that you will give up when you are ready. Sorry, but we've heard that all before ... it's a cop out .... but I do understand the intense nature of nicotine addiction so my empathy is with you and I certainly will not even attempt to tell you to give up. But you do know what makes sense ....

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Still the law prohibits smoking not only in public places and also inside a public transport. Maybe u can. anyway its only ur health that will be affected.

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I don't smoke or foxhunt but I don't see why people should not do either if they want to.Why did thousands of our countrymen and women and allies die in world wars to defend our freedoms of which freedom of choice is a fundamental one, only for the following generations to have those freedoms taken away by the Nanny state. Smokers unite and smoke your heads off if that's what you want, they weren't able to stop hunting so how could they stop smoking if you all carried on as usual?Why don't the non smokers stand outside in the cold and drink their beers instead.

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Edwin T
Find other way like rooftop or something like basement store room ok u have to smoke to throw tension away ok. this call freedom ok.

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they can not stop you smoking in your car, but if your car is on there ground then they can stop you, just jump in your car and drive a bit up the road, enjoy your fag in peace, this is a total joke, but what can we do, hope it all works out,all the best

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I expect it means while on the physical business property. So, as long as the car is on the property, you won't be able to smoke. Or, it soon will be. Smoking eradication has become a goal justifying ANY means. Fairness, logic, or even reason are gone. Smoking will be stopped. You know that.

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yes you can as its not a public place or a place of work

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Wow, now thats dictatorship! smoke wherever you want doll. dont be a sheep.

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If your car is parked on the property of the workplace, then it is up to the company. You would need to check with them.

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♥ ♫ chancun à son goût ♥ ♫
If it's your own car, you are not endangering anyone else by smoking in it.

Personally I think that all outdoor smoking bans are ridiculous--the smoke blows away--not into anyone's lungs.

Where I live they just imposed a law that there is no smoking within 25 feet of any business' entrance or exit--that's not too bad--we had heard we were going to be banned from ALL outdoor smoking--like in Tempe, AZ and most (if not all) of California.

It really peed my brother off when having season box seats to professional ball games--they stopped smoking there--again, outdoors. Those seats are very expensive. At least, they could have separated the smoking and non-smoking people--OUTDOORS--WTH?

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company policy not law will gov, if company policy is no smoking on company property then that's it does not matter if you are in your car if the car is located on company property

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joe perkinstein
I love a Shmoke and a pancake whilst in Amsterdam..

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