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Mohamed H
Should Teenagers under 16 be allowed to roam streets after 10 P.M? Why? and why not?
Should there be kids allowed to walk on streets doing nothing just roughhousing in the middle of the night?

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♥☆Mrs. Rose☆♥
No. Kids wandering the streets that late are up to no good. Around here, the police patrol the streets at night and make sure kids are on the sidewalk after 10pm.

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Big Bird
No, the only kids who should be allowed to do that are the ones who aren't...

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No they should not because they don't have jobs

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yes dumbass free country

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all kids who are out a 10 arent always doing something wrong, me and my friends walk at night all the time jus walking and talking it doesnt mean that they are doing anything wrong , some may be but you cant punish the ones who havent done anything wrong

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Yes and no

Yes: Teen should be able to have fun party, hango ut with friends since school lasts long

No: because a handload of teens will abuse it by like drinking egging houses (fun) lol causing ruckus Etc.

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first of all...10 PM is not the middle of the night. i think that kids should be aloud out past 10...but not 1. kids have to go to school all day and they want time to have fun

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no because they cause trouble and they are in alot of danger being out on the streets at night.

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on weekends, why not?

on school nights, i think its a little bit late. but most young people don't go to bed before 10 these days, and sitting at home doing nothing isn't a lot of fun.

if they are doing something wrong, then hopefully theyll get caught by the police. but its not like teenagers are the only people out after 10 who get drunk and throw stuff at cars or whatever. plenty of drunk 24 year olds do exactly the same thing

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Sure so the parents can sue the city get on TV and cry how their child was a victim of the evil gun owners.
Than we have more protest against gun owners and wanting to pass more gun laws.

<sacarasm off>

It is bad and parent need to be parents.
They should take responsibility vice trying to blame others for their failures.

When you see a kid haul in for shooting a kid and there is the mother crying that her little boy is going to jail.

Where was the mother when their little guy first acted up?

To provide him with the discipline he need so that he didn't get into trouble with the first place.

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Scott Y
There used to be a thing called a CURFEW back in my days. It was a free country then. Any Kid out on the streets after 10pm could only be up to no good. They should be home, getting sleep for the next day at school.

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No. Firstly, because after dark and into the night they are likely to be at greater risk. Secondly, roaming the streets at night may result is substance misuse. Thirdly, it would be a shame if all they had to do is roam the streets. It is likely most of the year they have school the next day, home work to do. These things are important not just to them but to the future of society. Finally, it is not OK to say 'free country' ..'I do what I like'. You have such freedoms as a result of social order and its values - if you want freedom you have responsibilities too!

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WHAT THE HELL? What kind of stupid question is that?

Why don't you ask Should age discimination be allowed? Much easier. We're already being banned from some shops are you going to spread to after ten. Maybe people over sixty should be banned from leaving the house before 9am, you know for there own good. Maybe males around 30-40 shouldn't be allowed on the streets after 10 incase they are sexual offenders.
People under sixteen have lives to as you may not want to believe and oh my goodness there is surprise surprise events for everyone that happen after 10. Parties, concerts even religous activitie such as festival of life. Should they be banned from them to. Restricting people in a democratic society is bull. There are emergencies, occasions, lifestyles that permit under sixteens to be out of the house after 10 so don't even suggest that that should be erased to please other lifstyles.


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i ♥ Mario
What would be the reason for them to out past 10? IF it is a school nite they need to be in the house by 10. There is not anything out there that they need to be engaging in at that time of nite. JMO♥

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Depends where you live. And its not like you can make a law preventing kids from being outside after 10. thats just stupid. think if you were a kid? wouldn't that just make u go outside more??

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khalifa a
NO NO NO , not allowed for any age to roam the streets especially at night , when they should be at home doing something usefull .

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Yes, that is if they are not disturbing the peace. If they are just walking, minding their own business, it should be legal.

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I am a teenager and don usually stay out that late causin trouble. But police will always move the troublemakers away if they are there at the time. The probloem is they are hardly around in some areas.

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no, cerfew is for their own protection. where I live if your an unsupervised minor out past 11pm or so, the police can take you home or just detain you, maybe a fine.

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No! Not at all. What good can they get into at 10:PM? None! Only trouble. Drugs, drinking, gangs, and tagging! Nothing good AT ALL! They should be finished w/their homework and going to bed.

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my nightstick, your head
No, they should be studying for good grades in school.

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Dean C

Why? because they are 16 is enough.

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