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 What action can i take against this?
I was at a friends airsoft party and my brand new $150 gun was not feeding the bb's into the gun right so i ask someone to borrow a gun and left my gun in my tent and told no one to touch it. T...

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Ok, here it goes
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 Meth babies vs. abortion?
Wondering if anyone else sees the inconsistencies in laws protecting unborn children.
You can purposely kill an unborn child with chemicals (abortion) and it's a protected right. If you &...

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"Sir David Attenborough said that a "frightening explosion in human numbers" was behind every threat to wildlife across the world."

China has their one child policy, ...

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 My employer released details of my employment to a third party. Have they breached data protection?

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Me and my friend were wondering?...

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 What's wrong with this picture?
What is this boy's mother trying to accomplish by having his sperm harvested from his dead body? If there ever is a surrogate to carry his baby, there will never be a biological father for the ...

 I totalled my truck-then walked home-drank and got a dwi an hour and a half later...?
I was so upset that my truck was totalled not to mention a bit banged up that i decided to take the edge off by drinking a beer then another then another... had about 5 beers in an hour and a half. ...

 What's the law about adopting an 18-year-old non-American?
Apparently her parents are in Europe and (probably) can produce docs stating their agreement to this, the girl herself is Korean, and the adopter is a really old grandpa. What's the law about ...

 Should I get a restraining order?
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 Is it ethical to make your employees work for 12hrs 7days?
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 How many years can this guy be looking at?
off duty cop in illlinois kills 2 college men 21 and 24 in a crash.
their car exploded and burned to death
is blood alcohol was .24 and tried to flee but got cought 10 min latter/

 How long between a prelimnary trial and a trial?

 How to protect blog content?
How do I ensure that the content on my blog is copyright protected. Is there a statement I can add to the blog? How do I do that?
Additional Details
The link isn't working?...

My unemployment was denied so I had an appeal, and that was affirmed. What does this mean?

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Stevie N
Means you won your appeal.

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You have lost the second step, but should appeal it again, depending upon why it was denied and whether you have evidence to show that you are in fact eligible.

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no bennies,last step is the board of review,maybe an attorney could help you

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You unemployment was denied. On appeal, that denial was affirmed. This means that you are not eligible for unemployment.

You did not win. On appeal, affirmed means that the lower courts decision is affirmed.

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Yes, when the appeal is affirmed it means you were denied, the original decision was affirmed.

If you had won the appeal you would have been notified of a, "reversal," or "modification."

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