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 What does this mean "demean the seriousness of the offender's conduct"?
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Is there any law requiring children to have their own room?
I've heard things that my son is supposed to have his own bedroom, people claim it's a state law. Does anyone know if it's true or not that a kid is legally supposed to have their own bedroom in the state of Virginia? I can barely afford a single room for myself and my son, let alone a 2 bedroom apartment.
Additional Details
For the person saying I have no business having a child because I can't afford a 2 bedroom apt, there are many people who can't afford that. Here is one example, of many. What should it matter how big of a home a kid has as long as he/she has a roof over their head, food to eat, and unconditional love. Anyway, here the the link, someone else with similar problem as me.

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If you can't give your child his/her own room, you have no business having a child.

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*7 Inch Heels*
uhh i know in the state i live in then yes after the kid is of certain age they have to have their own bedroom and have to have their own bed. so you obviously cant have them sleeping with blankets on the floor or have them on the couch or anything. Also there is a law for how many kids you can have in a room and i think it goes by sq. footage?

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I've heard depending on the state, a child over a certain age, like age 5, they have to have their own room.
Check with your town/county.

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Typically, local laws describe these kinds of requirements.

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FHA requires a male and female sleep in separate rooms. If the child is over the age of 5 he should have his own room. You need your privacy as well. Generally if a mother and daughter live in a one bedroom home it's the same way, the child should have their own room however, its more pronounced when the genders are opposing. Rent is high these days. I suggest that you give the child the bedroom and you get a fold out couch in the living room. A child needs a quiet place to sleep and you will have more freedom sleeping on the fold out.... been there, done that! Good Luck

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absolutely not wow
are u serious?

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Some towns limit the number of people who can live in a home, usually by the number of bedrooms. Most foster care regulations prohibit children of the opposite sex of sharing a room. But it doesn't sound like these apply to your situation.

There are some very creative, low-budget ways to partition a studio apartment into several semi-private living areas.

(Also, I know this isn't your question, but having sex in front of the child is illegal.)

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Lisa A

That is only for foster children, or other CPS cases.

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Michael H
In some instances yes. Subsidized housing can require that children over a certain age have their own room, children living in foster care may be required to have their own room.

If you are asking if Virginia just arbitrarily came along and said 'every child must have their own room by state law' then the answer is a resounding and unequivocal....no.

Your safe....:)

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There is no law in Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter, that states a child must have his/her own room.

If your child is fed, clothed, otherwise cared for, happy and loved, you have no reason to be concerned.

There is a law in Virginia and other states that applies to foster children regarding the sharing of a room with anyone 18 or older, separate rooms must be provided for such children.

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