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kk the dream
Is it wrong to punch someone in the face after theyve been pushing you?
because this girl was pushing me and threatening me. and everyone pushed me in this huge circle screaming FIGHT! FIGHT! and i really didnt want to but she was pushing me so i punched her in the face and then the police were comeing! was i wrong to do that or is that toally legal like self defense??

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Jason W
In this case it would NOT be self defense since you made no effort to retreat before striking back.

However, you stand an excellent chance of sucessfully arguing that she knowingly provoked you. Unlawful provokation (especially physical provocation) is an excuse in most jurisdictions.

Bear in mind that since provocation is, legally, an "exscuse" and not a "justification", the burden of proof is on you to prove that your were provoked. This may not bee too difficult since you seem to have many witnesses who will corroborate your story.

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I guess it's up to the police to decide. If you hadn't hit her back, it would have been completely her fault. Since this was apparently a fight over nothing, you had nothing to lose.

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i dont have a name

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yeah it is i would of beat her and u should of good 4 u

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Sounds like self-defense.

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No, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm NOT BY ANY MEANS saying that anyone he pushes you should instantly be decked in the face. Today's society is so screwed up, I mean even my dad said if they didn't have all these laws and make such a big deal even for a simple fight in school he would probably tell me to deck a kid who wouldn't get off my back, and you know what, that kid would probably deserve it. Yes there are better ways to handle it but I don't think "talking it out" or "saying no" helps so much in this situation so even though no one on here will agree with me, agree with a kid such as myself who went through all this **** in middle school. Anyone who gives you a hard time, teach them a lesson.

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that's all u did wow yeah i guess

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No thats not wrong if she was aggravating you then you have every right to defend yourself, i would of done the same.

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Rachel P
When she touched you. PAUSE She assaulted you and you defended yourself by punching her.

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No. Punch away.

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first person to touchg gets " battery"...hitting is assualt...and they wouldnt have a problem arresting both of you.

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Why lower yourself to thier level, set the example and walk away.

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I defended myself 5 times in high school do to people that have issues.Yes its wrong but that was the only way it stopped.Suspended each time 3 days.

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Alex S
nope unless she when to punch you and u punched her its not self defence, if people are screaming fight then you sould reply "oh im sorry i forgot i was only five!" then walk away and if the girl punches you... F**KING DECK HER :-)

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self defense i guess,

wouldnt worry too much about it.
she did wrong by pushing you!

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Sober C
If you couldn't walk away from it, you have the right to defend yourself. No such thing as a fair fight.

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No L
yea an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

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Shorten that down to, "Is it wrong to punch someone in the face?", which I'd go with yes. I imagine the whole thing could have been resolved without punching her.
Now, I've not heard the whole story but it sounds like you weren't completely out of line if she started it. Depends how far it went really, lots of factors of what was said and who was pushing who and what you thought she was going to do. Doesn't sound like you'll get in a lot of trouble if you just hit her once.

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In the eyes of the law, a push is the first blow. You are entitled to fight back and are very legally defensible in your actions. However there is a practical side to this too. The person with the visible wounds is generally not the person who gets locked up. Without witnesses a push might be problematic.

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Pushing is an unlawful provocation. Thus, punching someone who is pushing is valid because it is self-defense.

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Mujer Bonita
She brought it on herself

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you were defending yourself.
you should have told her off.
but if the cops were coming.. run =]

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You should have kicked her between the legs and screamed, "I DON'T KNOW YOU, THAT'S MY PURSE"!!

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