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James 007
Is it legal for your employer to ask for a COPY of your social security card?

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Cherie P
No not any more. A landlord can't ask either. The bank can but, that's all!

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NO NO NO NO,NO NO NO....it is not legal. Your employer cannot copy it>>>it's very ILLEGAL, just like copying money. You don't even have to take it out of your wallet. Keep it behind one of those clear plastic windows to show it to them & hand them your Driver's License (photo ID) & NEVER carry your SSN in your wallet...Keep it at home (& let your boss know you brought it in just for him to see. but tell him you are aware it's not legal to copy it)...and destroy anything in your wallet that has your SSN on it.

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Umber Khan
yes, it is. as long as it's a copy. i'm guessing you don't have a driver's license yet, am i right? if not, you don't have a name quite yet. a social security card is imperative to making sure you're a legal citizen of the united states. :)

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what's the big deal, they HAVE to have it for tax purposes, and having a copy of the card itself.... well that's just a dressed up record of your name and your number.

but if you are asking that you bring them a copy and not the original that they then copy..... I'm not sure.

Every job I've ever had required that I bring the actual card in that they looked at, copied and then returned my original.

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Livin' La Vida Gay
Totally safe, just ask him what for?

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Yes. Sometimes It is a requirement of the employer's customer for your employer to have proof. This especially if your employer is a defense contractor or does any kind of work for the government.
Also your employer's customer may have proprietary information that he wishes your employer and your co-workers to keep their mouths shut about. At least for the time being This doesn't mean the work is illegal just that the information belongs to the customer.

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Richard G

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Yes. Employers have the right to ask for a copy or even to see the original social security card.

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If you do not like it, you can provide a copy of your Passport. If you do not have a passport, then, you have to provide your Social Security card.

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jerry r
if your employer has seen your card and now knows your number, why would they need a copy. i know that medical institutions take your soc sec card, your medicare card, and your supplement insurance card and copy them before they return them to you.

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Glinda W

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If you look at the I-9 form you will see that a US issued ID and a US birth certificate can be enough. You just tell them your Social Security number. But many employers are not used to complying with the law so will ask to see a Social Security card. Many are realizing that this is becoming a really big deal so they are asking (perfectly legal) to see a card and make a copy.

Even if one is perfectly legal the whole idea can seem a bit uncomfortable in this day and age. But you have to provide the number and let them make copies if they want.

The only real way to handle this and be protected is to have a passport. That by itself and alone fufills every requirement. Then you just tell them your social security. If that is not accepted then you can take issue.

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Jeffrey F
Your Tax ID must be on file with your employer.

They have the legal right to have a facsimile of your original card on file.

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Yes it is.

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mr doodles

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LOL, yes. They are actually required to by law. THE I-9 is a required identification verification form, and one of the ID forms is a Social Security Card.

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yep yes. it is not illegal to copy, its the same as copying your birth certificate. the copy is just not considered a "legal document". the copy cant be presented to get a drivers licenses for instance.but this does not make it illegal to make a exact photocopy of. i don't have to call the SS office for the answer because i am a lawyer for the state. as for as having the right to refuse to show it, they have the right to not hire you if you refuse to have the proper reqirements.

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John C
Yes, employers can now get sued if they hire illegal immigrants, They are just protecting themselves.

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its not uncommon....

not only do you provide your number to apply, but sometimes, yes, they ask for a copy of it for either their own documentation, or to send it over to the main corporation.

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65% water
Yes. Usually they make copies of your ss card and driver's license when you are employed.

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Joel R

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From the official instructions for form I-9, verifying new employees eligibility for work:


Employers must record:

Section 1, Employee: This part of the form must be completed at the time of hire, which is the actual beginning of employment. Providing the Social Security number is voluntary, except for employees hired by employers participating in the USCIS Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify). The employer is responsible for ensuring that Section 1 is timely and properly completed.

1. Document title;
2. Issuing authority;
3. Document number;
4. Expiration date, if any; and
5. The date employment begins.

Employers must sign and date the certification. Employees must present original documents. Employers may, but are not required to, photocopy the document(s) presented. These photocopies may only be used for the verification process and must be retained with the Form I-9.


So, your boss may ask to see your original social security card and can make a copy for your employment file if they want to.

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