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Is it illegal to give your underage child alcohol in your own home?
specifically in the state of maryland. I am not talking about getting them intoxicated, but for many cultures, allowing a sip of wine for a teenager at a sunday dinner, for instance, is an acceptable practice

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Wow- um- don't give your kids alcohol. Duh. Yeah the chances of them getting alcohol somewhere else is pretty high. But don't be one of those people who says "i'd rather them drink in the house" cause not only will they drink in your house- they'll drink at anyone's house. And since you allow it- they don't think you'll care. So they'll start partying younger- probably get into a car at some point. Where they could kill themselves- or worse- someone else. All so you could give your kids alcohol? Give them juice. Cause you're going to look really bad one day when they get in trouble for alcohol and the law finds out you supply it.

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I'm not sure about Maryland, but it's legal here.
But why would you give your child that poison???
No alcohol is healthy for you, don't believe the hype about red wine.

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josh o
here in wisconsin if you feel the need to you can take your underage kid to the bar. once their 18 its a dif story. idk i hear of people putting whisky in/on their kids bottle when their teething so i wouldnt c why it would b illegal.

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Sad that we have to even ask permission on this. My kids drank wine and beer when we lived in Germany because it was legal and normal, they sipped it but they had full cups of spiced Kinderwein at Christmas, they were never even close to intoxicated and I think because of drinking age here in the USA we have more drinking problems...I mean you can die for your country at 17 years old (with consent of parents to enroll in military) and yet you cant have a beer legally until you are 21....does anyone else see this as a bit assinine????

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Zach V
Probably not.

Intoxication is a different story though.

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Michael H
In Maryland, minors can consume alcohol in religious ceremonies, and int eh presence of their parent/guardians in a private residence.

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It's legal in most places but I'm not sure about Maryland because the law in the US seems to be tougher on these things than everywhere else.

OK I just looked it up and it seems it's legal, here is a really good site: http://www.alcoholpolicy.niaaa.nih.gov/stateprofiles/StateProfie.asp#UACN
It gives 2002 Md. Laws 26 and Md. Code Ann., Crim. Law s. 10-117 as the reference.

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It is legal. The crime of furnishing alcohol to a minor (§10–117) in the state of Maryland has several exceptions. It is legal to give alcohol or allow it to be consumed by a minor so long as:
-You are members of same immediately family and you are in a private residence
-it is part of a religious ceremony

I have provided a link to the actual law for your verification. I can tell you that I lived in Maryland as a child and my family was Roman Catholic. Catholics give wine during mass every Sunday to those who have passed First Communion (age 7-8). It is only a tiny sip. Furthermore, my parents often allowed me to have a quarter glass of wine during Easter or Christmas dinner. I rarely finished, but there was nothing wrong with it. When I grew up, alcohol had no stigma nor sense of the forbidden, and therefore I felt no need to drink at all during my teen years, nor do I have much interest in drinking as an adult.

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