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 Just received a 30 day restriction on my california license, what next?
I just got a letter notifying me of a 30 day restriction put on my license, for 2 points in 12 months.
Question #1... Can I fight this punishment, and if so what are my chances of success?

 Is this considered harassment?
I used to be friends with a person about 15 years ago when I was 8. We were good friends for a little bit, but then had one of those dumb 5th grade falling outs a few years after, and he moved to No....

My friend is supposed to go into the court by june to be arraigned for a grand theft charge from prevous job. She has never been to court and has no idea what to expect. What will be going on at an ...

 Why should it be legal to own an assault weapon?
I know what the Constitution says and I also know that the people that wrote it had no idea that black powder muskets would turn into mass produced AK-47s with extended magazines and readily ...

 Can my girlfriend get arrested for staying over at my house ?
i am 17 and shes 19. i was wondering if she could get arrested for the following....(i live with my grandma?

being with me or around me?
staying at my house ?

Lets just ...

 What is the normal time served for a probation violation?
My husband has served so far almost 4 years for a violation and while hes been in there hes told me about people getting out in less than 24 months. whats going on?? Hes not up for parole until D...

 Is this sexual harrasment?
I'm 17 and I have got huge boobs I don't reveal them or anything but the guys in my school become totally crazy over them and the teachers always stare at them. Anyway there are some guys ...

 Court case help please?
Long story cut short I am going to court for criminal damage to a car. Someone else was driving thecar at the time with mo licence or insurance it was reported to the police but only the owner of the ...

 Joint custody between the father and grandparents?
okay i live in oklahoma and i am 14 yrs. old, my parents are (obviously) divorced, my mother and i have major issues and i would like to stay with my father. my dad just got out of jail about six ...

 Can someone clear this up for me?
(2) person under the age of 21 years to consume any alcoholic beverages. If proven by a preponderance of the evidence, it is an affirmative defense to a violation of this clause that the defendant ...

 Do temps have the same rights re: sexual harassment?
I'm a temp covering a 16 week maternity leave. About my 4th week here, I was sexually harassed. I waited a few days to report it because I was scared of the possibility of being fired (rep has ...

 Attack of the son-in-law?
will explean the question farther for those of you who saw it before I got in a fight with one of my children a few years ago and havent seen her since then (untell recently) , aparently she got ...

 How can my fiancée get full custody of his unborn baby?
my fiancée has a baby on the way with his ex but she
is unfit to be a mom and we are tryin to get
full custody of the unborn baby cause he
does not want his child to be left in ...

 Statutory rape in texas?
if i was 16 and slept with a 21 yr old and then 8 months later turned 17 and she turned 22 can she still be charged with statutory rape since she did commit it at one time ( well for 8 months)...

 How do i find a wyoming attorney licensed in south dakota?

 Should I resign from my position or not?
The hotel that I was working for was at 40% occupancy. My manager agreeded that I advertise for the hotel. In less than 3 weeks I was able to double the occupancy , now at 80%. My Manager now seems ...

 Are there any laws stating that you need to be ID'd for a LIGHTER?
hi everyone!
the other day i was at the gas station buying myself a drink and snack before work. i decided to pick up a lighter because i forgot my other one at home. to my suprise i was ID'...

 Can people who are in AA get special treatment at work?
If a person is stealing company time or money (small amount) and is involved in alcohol treatment receive different consequences than a non alcoholic employee? There is an employee at my work who is ...

 Dog laws and question on what to do?
If you are playing in a public park and there is a law sign saying all dogs on leash, then as you are playing soccer a old man is walking with his dog and the dog comes and trys to bite you but ...

 Reasons as to why gun control should be legal?
Hi im doing i research paper and I need help on finding reasons why should gun control be legal in the United States....

Is it illegal to change someone's mailing address?
So a reletive's mail is set to always come at my house but they went to the post office without my permission and made it so that all my mail goes to his house. Is this illegal because if it is im going to report him.
Additional Details
also the problem is i went to the local post office to change this back but they said its going to take 10 days for this to take effect....WTF...i have important stuff i need to get and all they can do is 10 days

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Micky....the resurrection
No, this is not legal and you should report it to the post office immediately. A change of address requires a signature which means he likely forged yours which is a big no no. The only exception is if you all share the last name and he did the change for that last name. If that's the case, it's not illegal, he put in the change for the whole family. Either way, go to the post office and get it sorted out.

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Yes, it is illegal to file a False Change of Address Form with the Postal Service. This falsification exists even if your relative (with the same last name), LIED by stating that the "entire family moved" when in fact that is not true!

He signed the Change of Address Form, by which he stated that "everything he reported was complete and true!" Hence the legal liability for Mail Fraud.

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Leah Suckels COR
Yes. It is illegal. It's called "Mail Fraud." You need to talk to the Postmaster about it and file a complaint.



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