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Jacob W
Is it Illegal to have fully automatic weapons in the U.S.?
I know the Assault Weapons ban was not renewed so I'm Curious as to if that means that we are now aloud to own fully automatic assault weapons. Also, I was wondering if you need to be 21 to buy these as you have to be to own a pistol or if they are sold as rifles and you need be only 18.
Additional Details
Sorry, I wasen't shure I know here in KY you must be 21 to own a pistol. Where would you go to get a permit for assault weapons? To the court house maybe? I know you have to pay a 200$ tax on semi-automatic, but im not shure if thats on fully automatic too.

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Automatic weapons are illegal to have if your a civilian. And you don't have to be 21 to have a pistol in every state.

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You may only own a machine gun that was manufactured and registered with the BATF before May 19, 1986. Weapons manufactured after that date are restricted for Military and Law Enforcement use only. Economics 101, the law of supply and demand should start coming to mind by now. This is why these weapons are somewhat “pricey”, when compared to current production weapons. “Simply”, the reserves not being available, controlled commodities always make for an excellent investment. The price is only going one place, Up!

An individual purchasing a “ National Firearms Act Weapon “, NFA weapon or class 3 weapon is required to pay a one time, $200 Federal Excise Tax fee. This fee has been the same, since 1934. It has never changed or has the simple requirement for owning a NFA weapon. These rules and regulation were set forth in 1934, because of the readily availability of machine guns to people like, Bonnie & Clyde, Dillinger, etc.. They permitted the Department of Justice to prosecute criminals under Federal Law. This had a little more "bite" than local laws. To obtain an NFA weapon, you must first select one. The reason is, forms are required to transfer the weapon from seller to buyer, requiring specific information. There are several types of forms to accommodate these transfers. A form “3”, accommodates dealer to dealer transfers (Class 3, in or out of state). A form “4”, accommodates dealer to individual transfers, within the state. Unlicensed individuals may not transfer class 3 weapons directly into their state. An active Class 3 license is required to execute the transfer. If you hold an active standard FFL, you may transfer the weapon in directly, however the law enforcement signature, photographs, and fingerprint cards are still required, as well as the $200 FET.

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You need a machine gun to hunt? it's been illegal for virtually everyone in the United States to own a machine-gun since 1934. The only exceptions are individuals who are issued machine-gun licenses, which are extremely difficult to obtain.
In order to obtain this license, you must pay a “special (occupational) tax,” as well as follow a very specific process when transferring firearms. Because of the legalities and expenses surrounding the class 3 license, many FFL dealers choose not to get one. This is for dealers only. Now for a machine gun for and individual.
No, you don't need a federal firearms license. If you are permitted by law to own a handgun and your state allows the transfer of machine guns, you can buy one (unless you are in a state that requires a C&R License for machine gun ownership.
You don' t need a permit, either. You do need to complete an "Application For Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm", also known as a Form 4, and this must be signed by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your locale. You also need to submit, in duplicate, a complete set of fingerprints and palm prints and passport-size photos.
When your application to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is submitted there is a $200 transfer tax per item to be paid for machine guns, short bbl shotguns, short bbl rifles and silencers and a $5.00 transfer tax for AOW.
How do I make a semi auto gun into a machine gun?
You don't, unless you want to spend the next 20 years in Leavenworth. No new machine guns can be made, as per the 1986 ban. We have to keep trading the ones already out there.

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Marvin the Martian
Assault weapon is a meaningless term. All firearms are assault weapons, that's what they are built to do.

Automatic weapons can be owned by private citizens, but there is a federal license, so most people don't own them.

Realistically automatic weapons are not all that useful in most situations. Ammunition is heavy and you can go through a lot of it very quickly. You can empty a rifle clip in about the time it takes to snap your fingers. What ever you were pointing the rifle at will now have a lot of holes in it. However if you need to get off a second shot you are now out of luck until you reload.

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No, but you do need a permit.

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First the "assault weapons ban" had nothing to do with automatic weapons in any way,it banned ownership ,sale,and importation of numerous semi automatic rifles and shotguns and was only an attempt a beginning to ban all privately own,guns used for sport,defense and hunting,there is no such thing as an "assault weapon"firearm any weapon you could assault someone with would be,all the way to a rock or club.the AWB was a meaningless piece of legislation designed to ban legal gun ownership,nothing more..as for full auto weapons, it varies from state to state,some allow class 3 weapons (full auto) some dont,the NFA tax of $200 is on NFA list weapons,full auto firearms,smooth barreled cartridge rifles,short barreled shotguns,short barreled rifles..ETC there isnt any extra tax on a semi-auto rifle ,you can buy them at any guns shop ,and KY allows full auto ownership and shooting (check out the bi-annual gatherings down that way such as Knob creek online) Most states and the feds limit private citizens(non-law enforcement and holders of a machine gun dealers license ) to own firearms made prior to 1986 ban,and some limitted to the pre-1968 amnesty weapons.thats all to make machine guns very restricted and unavailable supposedly..the truth is there are 500 illegal MGs for every legal one (likely more than that) and if they banned an confiscated all the legal ones,it would have zero effect on crime,as legally registered machine guns are never used in criminal activities.If you want a AK,UZi,MAC 9 ,or Tec99 in full auto you can buy one pretty cheap in memphis or nashville any night of the week illegally.

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