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If you found a briefcase full of money...and no name on it?
Would you take it to the police station?

Would you keep it?

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Take it to the police. There was a story in the news just the other day about a person who was arrested for not taking found money to the police. It is considered stealing to keep it without getting the police involved.

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William C
It's sitting in my closet right away.

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What a sad state of our countrys morals this is. I would hand it over to the police. Typically, if they are unable to locate the owner (and verify) the money will be yours. At least, when your time on this planet is done, you can say you did the right thing.

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I would definately take the briefcase to the police station. Just the briefcase.

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Scott H
If I found a million bucks in a breifcase I would keep it on the theory anyone carrying around a million bucks in cash can afford to lose it! Now if I read the next day a million dollars was lost while being transferred to Jude Memorial Childrens Hospital of something similar I would have to reconsider and give it back.

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where did i find it? can i try to identify the proper owners? i might not just take it to the police because i don't trust them. I definitely would not spend it, but I might hold on to it and see if I could find out whose it was. Maybe someone will report it lost? I would return it to the owners (unless i thought they were using it for drugs or something) but I'm not sure if I would give it to the police, since they are only human and might decide to keep it.
After about 10 years i would probably give it to charity. I might spend part of the money to hire a private investigator to try to determine whose it was.

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I'd keep it, as long as it wasn't an obvious bank robbery, like consecutive serial numbers, or, like the other guy, if it wasn't where there were likely to be surveillance cameras around.

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Brenda S
I would keep it and see if anything came up on the news or in the paper...Then after a month or so I would donate half to
a charity and the rest would be mine all mine...
Then again How much case is in the case...
thinking more about this I am concerned that I would have guilt for keeping the money....I will turn it in...Damn Guilt....

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I would either take it to the police - if it is unclaimed within a certain # of days you can keep it (I think) - depending on where you live OR I would put an ad in the local paper saying where it was found and let them describe the briefcase to you to verify ownership. I'm sure they realize they lost whatever amount of money is in there. Or, I could just hand them the empty briefcase and keep the cash. That's a decision between me and my conscience.

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I would take half and then take the rest to the police station and say thats how I found it!

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Just me.
I don't know if its real money or fake .

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fairly smart
Wel, my subconcious would curse me a blue streak, but my karma would reward me. I would be the jerk turning it over to the police...

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I would take a little, enough so you couldn't tell much was missing... And then take it to the police...

But I don't know, maybe I wouldn't take any at all, I would have to be in the situation...

I say I would at least pocket a good $1000, if it was completely full, no one would miss it...

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krista b
half to the police and half to keep. especially if u r having financial problems=(

good luck on being rich =)

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The world today is full of surveillance cameras. Can you be sure that the owner isn't going to remember where he left it, come back and find it gone, and then get, for example, the 7-11 across the street to check their prking lot cameras?

Really want to take the chance on going to prison over it?


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Look Out
So you're the one!!!

That was ransom money I left to ransom my pet Springer Spaniel.!!

I left it on the park bench at 43rd and Pico Blvd

I want my dog so give me back my money!!!

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The Game
Use half of it and keep the other half in the bank where i got money in the bank

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the girl next door
Hell yeah! I would keep it!

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Talk about a tough decision!! I'm just illegit enough to be tempted to keep it, BUT my concious would bugged forever.
IF the numbers weren't in sequence
IF there were no witnesses or surveilance
IF no reports of missing money were reported

I say

Yeah, I'd keep it ;o)

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I'll Keep It Haha

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take to the police it may be being wathced by drug dealers not ether way you die but this way you death may be investigated

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I would do what the law says I must; turn it into the police department.

If, after 30 days (varies from place to place), the money is not claimed, then they would return it to me.

It is the right thing to do. Taking the money is stealing.

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Keep it. Sorry it's a harsh world & I am a single mom.
No name, no way to track it. I would keep it

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I would take it to your house and let you decide. That way
I would be the one in trouble. Maybe we would have to hide on a mountain top so we wouldn't get caught. Love, honey

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It depends on where I "found it".
I would probably keep it.

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Gretel's Bread Crumbs
take it to a police station. "finders keepers" doesn't apply in my life.

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id prolly keep it, put it away for a few years in case the bills were bein traced. then strategically and gradually put em back into circulation

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No way to identify it at all? I'd keep it. I'd hold onto it and see if I heard anything about it and if I found the owner I'd give it back.

I'm sure it would never get back to the owner from the police station.

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god knows and sees else Yahoo
If you take half and then take the rest to the police station and say thats how I found it the MAFIA will kill you and your family, then revive you and kill you again-dont be stupid.

if you take it to the police it will disappear
if you put an ad in the paper everyone will claim its theirs

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Aaron C
I would definitely keep it.

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