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If someone makes an allegation against you I think you have the right to know who. Why is this not so?
I've had a visit from a customer compliance officer saying that an complaint has been made against me, that I was claiming benefit whilst I was working - this is totally unfounded and untrue, but I am unable to find out who said this about me and I think if someone is accusing me of criminal activity I have the right to know who it is.

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Jus Curious
"You have the right to face your accuser" or a representative of accuser.

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People who report benefit fraud are treated in confidence, if they gave names of people who made the accusations, then the benefit fraud reporting system will not work, because no-one will report it. Likewise, they are not allowed to tell the informer on what the outcome of any investigation is. The complaint was proved to be a false lead, so you have nothing to worry about.

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No. You can threaten him before he appears in court, though you can do that anyway during the trial, but he may have some sort of immunity and you will be punished double if you dare so.

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Stig Bubblecard
So you want the name and address of the person so you can give them a kicking? Don't think so mate.

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Take it up with your company, but they can do whatever it is they want to.

The only time you can face your accuser is in criminal court.

Anywhere else, you have to make due.

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Laura C
Although a lot of people would agree that they should have a right to know who accused them of crimes which they did not commit it is actually against the law to reveal the name, this is because they believe that by revealing the name it puts that person under risk of harm. I'm not saying you are the type to go out and beat them, its the same rules for everyone.

So although its annoying its something we all have to put up with.

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The world is full of haters. Accept it and be flattered that someone has you on thier mind so much. If it's bs then laugh it off. my mil used to call cps on me and have other brainless twits call too. As soon as i'd hear cps, i'd just laugh and say my mil must be bored again. it's an inconvenience but if you prove the allegations to be unfounded then f@@@ it.


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Melisa M
For benefit fraud people can make anonymous calls to social services. This is done so that the people who make the calls do not have to fear retribution.

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I think the benefits fraud reporting has to be set up so the complainer can remain anonymous, otherwise many people would be reluctant report the true benefit thieves.

Remember that as this complaint is completely untrue, whomever complained is going to have made themselves look very stupid, and it's doubtful they would be taken seriously if they tried it again.

Try and let it go - you've done nothing wrong and they are obviously a nutter.

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