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If someone forgot to take his money at the atm machine, is it illegal for the next person to keep the money?

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Absolutely illegal. Dishonest. Criminal.
In Islamic states, the guy who reached for the money would be a guy without a hand in the very forseeable future!

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finders keepers losers weepers.

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Yes, it is illegal, plus they have you on camera. The other person will notice they do not have the money and will have it checked. They then check the video and see who was next and question each person. That happened here. They let them know it is illegal to take any extra money they find there. They brought in several peope as the machine was giving too much. Yet they never care if you get too little. Then the machine seems to often be considered right.

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Yes, I suppose it's legal unless they come back for it and you are standing there holding what is obviously their money.
But definitely not very ethical. I would go one step further and find out who made the last transaction so they could retrieve there $$.

Bet you'd appreciate that if it ever happened to you.

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its illegal if the next person to enter the ATM machine takes the money but it will be very difficult if not impossible for this person to be convicted in court for theft as it will be difficult to provide evidence that u left your money in and he took them.

but all in all, we have to remember that taking something which is not yours is theft and this is a sin as is against one of the God's ten commandments.

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Pecan Goddess
Yes...and very unethical!! If it was you...you would want somebody to give it back to you..right???

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OK! I am the next guy and there's a wad of money there. How am I supposed to know who left i tthere if you took your receipt.

If I saw you walking away,I'd yell for you to stop.Otherwise, hey,if you're that dumb, not my problem.

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Its called finder keepers.I think as long as u did not steal,rob from ppl,it should be legal.

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you don't know the financial situation of that person-what if they are struggling and that $20 is for their groceries? Its best if you find out who that money belongs to and return it to them. They will appreciate it-it will also put their faith back into people these days~

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Whether you know who it is or not, stay honest, contact the bank. They will look at their recordings, account number and make sure the person gets their money.

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It depends on the situation. Two main scenarios:
1st: The one behind you KNOWS that you are the owner of the money and CHOSE not to return to you when he has a chance to do so, then yes, it is a criminal offence, probably under misapporation or theft.

2nd: You left the ATM and the person after you does not know you were the owner of the money and there is no where to locate you, then no, he has not committed any offence.

However, it also depend whether he takes reasonable steps to locate the owner of the money. But let's face it, not many people will bother to do it.

You may ask, if the taker of money was captured on CCTV, and somehow you managed to locate him, can police charge him? No. Why? because there is no offence unless he took your ATM card and withdraw money without your permission.

So, when draw money, do check the slot inside out and count the money on the spot before leaving the machine.

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This is an interesting mix of property tort and criminal law. If you saw the party, and did not tell them and took it, it would be one thing, but if it's just sitting there with no one in sight, I'm not sure it is illegal. And if you don't know whos it is, why would it be so unethical? Giving it to the bank wouldn't get it back to the poor sole who lost the money.

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Yes it's illegal.

Forgotten or lost property it's not the same as abandoned property. They still belong to the owner.

Second, if they are at the ATM they are still under the bank protection, fit you take it they can ask for it back and if you refuse you can be charged with a federal offense (they did the same when some ATM started giving $20 bills instead of $5's by mistake.

Besides there are laws about lost and found property; usually you can claim any found property but you must wait certain amount of time, after that if no-one claim it then it's legally yours and it's too late for the owner to do anything.

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i would take it inside and give it to a teller it is wrong to take someones money even if they wher stupid enough to leave it

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Tan D
Yes, it's illegal.
Under Section 403 of Penal Code (Dishonest misappropriation of property) :-
Whoever dishonestly misappropriates or converts to his own use movable property, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

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If a person finds money at the ATM, they are supposed to
turn it in to the police (bye bye money) but you can place
and ad in the local paper for 3 days ( I think) and if no one
claims it, then it belongs to you. So no it is not illegal to
keep it providing that you make an attempt to return it
to the rightful owner.

Funny thing happened to me, I found a ham radio that
was worth about $300 and turned it into the police department, they gave me a receipt and placed the
value at $50. If no one claimed it within 60 days then
the radio would have been turned over to me.

I later found out that if the value was $50 or less it was
a 60 day wait, more than $50, 3 day wait, presumably
the less the value, the less likely a person would come
back to claim the goods, I got screwed on that deal
the owner claimed it on day 59 (like I really believe that
it was the true owner) I have learned to keep it and
pay for the advertisement in the newspaper.

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Not if you don't know who left it there. Otherwise you would have an obligation to give it to the person who "lost" it.

OR, you could turn it in to the police and ask that if nobody claims it, then you will claim it as found property.

Don't give it back to the people who "own" the machine. It's not theirs, as they already deducted the same amount from the losers' account.

And they will not look for that person if you don't stand over them and insist on it.

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