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If someone broke into my house what am I supposed to do?
Well, what happened is I left the bak door open and he got it. I asked hi to get out and he did but said it wasn't the end!!!

He's just someone I went out with for a short while then I broke up with him and since then he's been threatening me?

What do you think I should do and do you think the police might be able to do something?

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len r
Don't wait for "I should have done this" or "I wish I'd done that" call the police. Don't be afraid to call either, the police would rather come to your house on a call from you rather than someone that found your dead body on the floor.

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Well you could certainly register a complaint of threatening behaviour. Ok so you probably cant prove it but once youve made that complaint if he does anything else or hastles you again they the police will be aware that its not the first time youve had problems with him etc..

Good luck. So many insecure blokes out there.

Keep your door locked..

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If you're being stalked and threatened, go to the police. If that's not a police matter, nothing is. P.S. Don't leave your back door open babe! That's a bad practice for anyone in this day and age, but it's especially dangerous for young women. As I'm sure you're aware by now, there are lots of perverts out there!

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Lauren C
Um, the whole paragraph before the question makes no sense. What you do if someone broke into your house is call the police and your insurance company to report if anything was stolen. Then if you have someone harassing you you get a restraining order to keep them away. Go to your local police station to file one, and if the guy comes around again he will be arrested.

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Start by getting new locks for all the doors. Then make sure all the windows are locked before leaving or going to sleep. That'll slow him down. The next time he does it, try to get proof. Like, have a witness or catch him on tape. Then you can take that to the cops, and they'll slap him with a temporary restraining order.

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I would contact the police and file a report, they will most likely not be able to do anything until he does something to you.(nice isn't it). If you live alone maybe put an alarm system in or at least get a few stickers and put them on the windows and that will sometimes have the same affect. You know who this is so you can keep an eye on him and so can the police. Don't put yourself in any dangerous situations. Maybe have a friend walk you in at night and check the place to make sure it is safe. Just be careful there are some messed up people out there..
Best of luck and stay safe...

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get restraining order

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Call the police & make a report, then get a straining order on him. Always, keep your doors shut & locked.

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FIRST OF ALL, keep all your doors locked at all times. You are asking for trouble when you leave doors/windows open. There are a lot of bad people out there.

I am assuming this incident just happened. You should sit down and write out on paper (or computer) your entire relationship with this guy from the moment you met him. Ending it with him coming in your back door. Then I would call the police and report the incident. They should come to your house and look at the entryway he came thru. Give them a copy of what you wrote and MAKE SURE they write a police report. Ask them when you can pick up a copy of the report.

This might seem anal behavior but do you know how many women are killed or go missing in a situation like yours?? This way there is a written police report AND your written report. If the guy returns, you have something to fall back on and the police have no reason not to respond to your cry for help......

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Samuel B
Shoot yourself and tell the police that he did it. This will get him some jail time.

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Baby Raptor
you should own a handgun!! just as a principle. Then if the cops show up late insead of your body they have his to look at!!

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Shoot to Kill!!!

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bill w
In some US states such as Colorado - cut them in half with a shotgun blast and face no legal penalties

In Canada - run away, because you will go to jail for longer than a murderer would if you so much as leave a small bruise on the intruder.

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You need to tell somebody in a position of authority that you are being threatened. Also tell somebody that can put the "fear of god" into him if you know somebody like that. If I had a daughter and they were being threatened by some bozo he would have a "very hard time" coming to him.

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It's called stalking and there are laws concerning it.
check with your local police and file a report.

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stalker tell the police.

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Yes, get the police involved. But first get some big friends, so that the next time he comes over, he can be educated on the spot!

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The regular guy
Stop right now call the police and file a report and if this person has been threating you by all means file a restraining order on them immediatly. There are too many cases exactly like this that end up on Americas most wanted etc etc. Don't play with a situation like this. Even if you think you know the person you probably don't . Don't be a victum. Protect yourself immediatly. Don't be foolish or scared to report something its your life and safety that we are talking about. Call the police now!!!!!!

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