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If im paying child support now,if i give up rights to my child would i still have to pay?

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Not normally, though you may have to pay back support. They usually don't allow that any more though, without good cause.

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I am guessing yes, because if you don't want to pay a lump sum when your child decides to sue you for it in the future you better start paying. That is if the child decides to sue, which I hope they do simply because people like you is the reason people choose abortion, because they don't want to pay for a child.

You can give up your child, but they are the one's to choose if they give up on you.

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Patriot P

That said, if that's your attitude, I'd say your child is better off without a parent who thinks of him/her only as a financial burden.

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that's a creative way of ditching your responsibility.

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Grace M
Yes thats why there are so many dead beat dads..they think just because they give up their children they dont have to support them..And by the way..Dont be a dead beat dad How could you??? Do u not have a heart to give your kids a good life with their daddy?

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Nice...another irresponsible & selfish POS that doesn't care about anyone other than himself. People who wonder what's wrong with the world today - here's your answer!

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tom s

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Uh huh, go on I'm listening
no, no more child support.
but you would have to pay any past owed/due child support balance. basically you have to be up to date then payments would cease.

not everyone does that though, but it most common and usually requested by the judge.

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its people like yew there is child support out there.

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Sounds like you love money more than you do your child.

I suppose its seems like an easy way out but in fact it's not.

You would have to go to court and petition to give up your legal rights. Chances are you would not win. Now if both you and the other parent agree for you to give up this right you would not have to pay. This mostly happens if their is a new spouse and a REAL MAN (I'm assuming you are one) wants to step in and be responsible for this child.

You would be better off being financially responsible for this child but staying away from it. (As far as away as possible)

I'd wish you luck...but I don't wish luck to people like you!

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Yes, you still have to pay. If the child is adopted by someone else, then your obligation would end.

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Probably. Up to your x and the court.

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lil selena
Yes you would still have to pay but you just won't be able to see your child again. Here in Missouri if someone doesn't pay child support and they owe over $15,000 they can't get their driver license til they pay the past due amount.
I think it's a good idea. It isn't free to raise a child.

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2 b 1 ask 1
its pretty damn sorry to put trying to get out of paying for your child u sick bastard u should lose the rights to see him or her but should have to stillpay

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ouch, there's someone who loves their children.

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I know someone in this situation now... you made the child you are still responsible for its welfare and upbringing

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Unless you are giving up your rights to allow another person to adopt your children, it is highly unlikely the court will release you from your responsibility to support your children.

Additionally, being released from future responsibility does not absolve past support already owed.

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Yes you would.

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In general, it's very hard to "give up paternal rights." People seem to think if they say, "I don't want custody or visitation or any other rights so I shouldn't have to pay" then that solves everything. Sorry, it doesn't. In Virginia, it is near impossible to give up paternal rights. The only time I've seen it done in our local court (and I sit in on court cases...that's my job) is when the father was in a bad accident and was basically mentally retarded (not originally though). So go slam your head into the pavement a couple of times. It might be your only hope.

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Yup. You can voluntarily give up your rights (visitation, custody), but only the courts can remove your obligation (support).

Think of it this way: Why should the child be punished because you couldn't keep your pants zipped up? It doesn't take a man to make a child, but it does take a man to fulfill his obligations.

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