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 Im 23 years old. I have DUI, 2DWAI & a domestic violence. My mom became a citizen in Aug. 2000 am i a citizen?

 Can you give me three good reasons why abortion should be legal (if it's not in your state)?
1. To be alive, something must be independent and must be able to perform life activities such as metabolism and reproduction. Before 21 weeks, the fetus cannot do this, and is thus not alive. You ...

 Is there a website that can tell me if i have any unpaid legal fines?

 Can I sue and for how much. Dog bite.?
While at work for the US census bureau, I was interviewing a lady and her dog came tearing out of he house and started attacking my leg. I tried to kick it away and it bit my grion (leaving a 1/2 ...

 I don't Agree with Bait Cars.?
heres my thing about bait cars. To me this is what it is. Same concept Different situation.

Wife secrectly have a female come to you for sex, so the wife can catch you cheating.


 Does anyone know some good anti crime sloggans?
I mainly want ones for ...

 If for my first offense i got a class 1 misdemeanor what could my punishment be?

 What are some anti-death penalty questions for a debate?
I have a debate in a couple days and part of it is where we have to ask the opposition questions, sort of like a cross-examination.

So far I only have:

Why spend our tax ...

 Do you think they will legalize pot?
it makes sense if they did and if so would you have to be like 21 to smoke it?...

 Dr Discrimination? What are my rights?
I had an appointment w/ my OB/GYN. We waited(my fiance and future mother-in-law) for 3 1/2 hours to be seen, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that I was there to seek fertility ...

 How many times do we got to go to court and he not show up before the award me sole/physical custody by defaul?
the father of my child is not showing up and dont thing he ever will how many times do i gotta go to court and him not show up before im awarded sole/physical custody ?...

 Can i be arrested for playing capture the flag in wal mart in the middle of the night?
as long as we don't vandalize the property..
Additional Details
the flag will be a random item..i don't work at walmart..but the walmart near my friend's apartment is open ...

 Is this considered tampering with mail?
Our landlord has packed up our belongings and put them in storage. She won't tell where and she won't let us get our important mail and tax papers. This has caused us to miss the tax ...

 Could I be arrested for this?
I might be moving into an apartment with three people I know. If one of my roommates occasionally deals weed (I don't know if he will from the apartment) can I be arrested for being in the same ...

 What are three reasons the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or should not?
I am writing an essay on this topic and since I have don't have an opinion I'm going to pick the side that is easiest. I need 3 reasons, that I can explain, why the drinking age should be ...

 What does the second amendment mean?
The second amendment is "Thr right that people can keep and bear arms." But are there anything that is not told in here. Also, are there any limitations? Thank you so much!...

 Should I become an organ donor and what are the disadvantages of becoming one?
I'm 16 years old and recently got my driver's license. When asked about becoming an organ donor or not I wasn't sure so I just told them not at the moment.
I realize if I die I ...

 Should the drinking age be lowered to 18 in the US?
I'm trying to get some feedback from people on whether or not they think the drinking age should be lowered to 18? What is your opinion? Why is it your opinion? Any feedback would be awesome! ...

 How do I get a gun legally in Los Angeles California?
I live in a bad neighborhood and I need a gun for protection just in case. I dont plan on driving around with it I just want one to keep at home. What are the exact steps to get a gun/permit in los ...

 Do I have any rights if my neighbors complain about noise?
Just bought a home in Contra Costa, I have three children and a huge backyard. On a Saturday afternoon, my neighbor from behind us complained asking us to turn the noise down. My kids were playing in ...

If i lost my court ordered custody papers how do i go about getting them?

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Call, go on line or go to the County Court House the custody papers were filed at. If you had an attorney, get a copy through him/her. Good Luck!

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You either get it from your lawyer or go to the family court to retrieve a photo copy of the court order.

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