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If a robber breaks into someone's home and the owner defends it, can the robber sue them?
Im just wondering cos I heard that thety could. If they can its terrible, but im not sure.
Additional Details
By the way, I live in the UK so can they sue there?

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That could happen when liberals seize control of government. This is also the level of madness being demonstrated by Barack Hussein Obama.

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It's happened before, that's why you shot the damn thief dead.

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That depends on where you live. In most states if someone breaks into your home, you have the right to defend yourself, and your property.

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No. You have the right to defend your Home and property. Especially if you feel your life is in danger.
If you shot the person make sur you have a permit for the weapon.

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In some states no they can't sui...

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yahoo LK
Sadly, Yes. One man hit a robber round the head with a hammer because he had broken into his house and the robber sued him and won.

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The owner is only allowed to use the minimum of force in self defence. If he acts aggresively or with a weapon and the burgler is hurt then the robber can take legal action for compensation for his injuries.

It's sad but it's our law as it currently stands.

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if you pull out a gun and shoot their hand or leg coz they were stealing your laptop then yes they can
but if they try and hurt you i think its a different story

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That not my name
Only if the robber receives damage that would be categorized as excessive.

I don't have problems about getting sued cuz only people that are alive can do that.

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Dolly Blue
Yes they can ...and it has happened....stupid isn't it ? !!!

In Uk

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Tony M
It all depends on the state you live in. States like Missouri have passed home defense laws that allow you to protect your property with force, even deadly if need be. Other states have an equal force law, meaning that you can only defend your self (sometimes property) with force equal to that used against you. Still other states have laws that seem to protect robbers more than their victims.

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its very circumstantial.

If the robber breaks in and is unarmed and you beat him so hard that he becomes retarded then you might have some legal issues.

Of course it also depends on what state you live in.

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Ramona-please step back!
if you can prove self defense, then NO, but if you use what is called excessive force, then you may be sued

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There is nothing that would preclude a Individuel from filing a civil law suite against the home owner, assuming they could get an attorney to represent them. That on the other hand does not guarantee them a financial settlement it would be entirely up to the courts.Each case would be weighed and decided on it's own merits.

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Julie B
In this crzy world unfortunately there have been weird cases in the paper. Its natural instinct especially if children are in the property but yes people have been sued - absolutely unbelievable i know!!!!!!

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The Saint
I've heard that an old man beat an armed attacker senseless with his walking stick. The old man was the one charged with using an offencive weapon. The attacker was awarded damages, too. Where was the sense in that? This happened in London.

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depends on the corrupt justice system

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David L
You can sue anybody for almost any reason. The real question is - can they win?

Probably not. But, strange things have happened, and I'm sure a few "robbers" have managed to pull it off.

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As long as it is self defence they cannot sue. However if the robber breaks in to your house and falls down the stairs breaking his leg because the hand rail was loose he can sue. Completely rediculous! I remember hearing on the news a few years back a robber sued a family for a good chunk of change (and won) because he fell through there sky light and hurt himself. He was on the roof looking for a way to break in.

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any body can sue any one and I saw a shop lifter get beat up buy a store detective and got 100,000

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Not a lawyer, but in some cases, the answer is probably yes.

Assume your house is invaded. You are able to subdue the intruder and have him under your control. But, anger gets the better of you and you, say, hit him with your son's baseball bat, causing him injury. Are you liable? Most folks would say yes. The intruder was under your control and you elected to harm him out of anger not self defense.

On the other hand, if he is in a position to threaten you, and you shoot and kill him, he's been castled (at least in Texas).

The difference is that in the latter case your life was in danger and in the former the threat no longer existed.

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Need input
Yes most of the time the robber can sue...thats the shambolic justice system in this country.

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Yep, but the extent depends on which state you are in. In some states, you just have to have a sign or sticker saying you are armed (kind of like beware of dog) lol
Then some other states, don't have any type of self defense statute, so if you touch them in any way it is assault.

Several years ago, an intruder fell through a window and got hurt. He then sued the man for his mishap.
Another instance..a man shot an intruder in the leg, the intruder then sued the man. The owner lost because he did not have any warning signs saying that he was armed.

So yeah, they can, and yes it sucks

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nas88caror 300 09? way to go BK!
nope because he is breaking the law...nad they can not profit from it

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Sam Vimes
Did you know if you left your front door open and a robber walked in you have NO right to defend your property, because technically it's not Breaking and Entering.

Justice for all, my a ss.

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If someone breaks into someone elses house, the house owner is allowed to use reasonable force to get the burglar out. If excessive force is used then the burglar can sue the owner.

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Unfortunately Yes. A friend of mine who is a Policeman told me to step back and not touch a robber, mostly for my own protection as the robber might fight back and badly hurt me or worse. But as you are insured it's safer to let them get on with it, but let them know you are there as that may frighten them off. And call the Police.

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Mr Doesright
Shoot to kill. How can they sue if they are dead?

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sean b
Depends on where you live.

Some places yes, in some no.

In some places if you are not in fear for your life or your families life then you cant touch the robber. e.g. if the robber stays downstairs and your family are upstairs, then you sneak down and slap him one. youll have to pay.

Best thing to do if you ever find your self in this situation is to take a baseball bat to the bag of the theifs head, then do a little dance on his face and ribs. Pick him up and drag him across the street, then phone an ambulance and say theres a drunk guy passed out across the street from your house.
When he wakes up hes not likely to tell the cops that he was just burglarising your house is he.

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