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If Man Walked on the Moon, Why has No-one Done It Since?
Drfoot asked....Who believes that man actually walked on the moon or who thinks it was one big hoax.?

For those who believe man did walk on the moon.....why has there not been a progression of other countries following. Trying to have the fastest space shuttle, proving who has the best technology etc, etc.

Personally, i think it was an hoax. The lighting, shadows, windows, movement slowdown, non gravity waving flag etc etc leaves a lot to be desired.

What do you think???

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i personally feel it is hoax no one can have foot steps on moon because there is very less gravity there and it is very difficult to stand on moon u will be wobbling

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It was a set up thats why
(just my opinion!)

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what a way for a government to cover up the loss of billions of dollars and takes minds of public regarding Vietnam,ken

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Some are born to ignorance. Some have ignorance thrust upon them.

I don't know which camp you're from, but sir, you are definitely ignorant.

Are you saying all of the astronauts are liars? Neil, Buzz, Mike and the rest....ALL of them? The ground crews and engineers? Everyone?

Your "logic" is that because no other country has gone since the 70s that it must not have happened in the first place?

Why would another country go there? It was mostly a rah-rah stunt from the US to show up the Russians. Which it did. If Russia went, second place is still second place. They certainly wouldn't want to emphasize that fact.

The other reason is there isn't a whole lot there new. It was good for science to find out what the moon is made of, but what's on the moon is what's on the Earth. It was split from the Earth early in the formation of the planet, so the rocks are the same chemicals found on the Earth.

Just like anything, Necessity is the Mother of Invention. NASA and other organizations are wanting to launch manned probes to other planets (Mars, Jupiter, etc). The easiest way is use the moon as a jumping off point. That will happen by the end of this century.

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Johnny Guano
nobody ever walked on the moon! propaganda, pure propaganda

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The Bricklayer
I could not care less either way.

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The fact that we had a disastrous space shuttle launch not to long ago, along with all the flops since the "landing on the moon" I find it hard to believe that they had enough technology back then to make it happen when we are lucky now just to get a shuttle into space.

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if it was a hoax surly they would of gone back by now with the technology they have now.

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Ms Bleu
Too costly and it's no longer a big deal. The government only had a point to prove and were prepared to plundeer zillions of dollars by going to the moon after the russians beat them at putting the first man in space. There probably have been other moonwalks but nobody gives a $h*t!

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The point of doing it in the 60's was a technological race with Russia. Once it was done, the task became too expensive to continue. Public opinion to continue funding a project that no longer had a reason to exist. The US had already beaten the Russians to the moon. I'm sure if you had a powerful enough telescope (very Powerful), you could still see the remains of the landing craft, flag, and Lunar buggie that was left there, at several locations. It was done, and more than once.

That would be proof enough that the landings did indeed occur. Unless of course an alien race placed a US flag on the surface on the moon for us.

With all the private groups doing telescope research of the stars and moon, I think it would have been proven without a doubt if the landings had indeed been a hoax. All the rest is nay-saying.

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Because the moon has nothing to offer.

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To many downsides ,first, it's one hell of a long way away and it's very dangerous for the crew, second, money

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They went, they saw, they analyzed, they returned.

Nothing there to return to, why would anyone go back?

No bathrooms on the moon.

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There's no point doing it again.
And why is this under Law and Ethics?

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It costs a lot to do, untill we have the technology to build a base or something like that there then there is little point wasting massive amounts of money going there just for a look.

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It is doubtful as to whether Aldrin/Armstrong walked on Moon.The shadow and pictures are not genuine.Now the original tapes/recordings/video etc are missing.When USSR was ahead in space technology it might have been a CIA created drama to show that America is superior in technology.

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I think that even the USA would not be able to stage such an elaborate hoax & be able to keep it a secret for this amount of years.
I believe that Armstrong & Aldrin did walk on the moon & the reason no-one has since is because we have learned all we can from the moon & now need to send probes further afield.

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The reason is that it is so very expensive, the space race almost bankrupt Russia. It's only the very wealthy countries that can afford the billions required to develop the technology, build the rockets and modules, test them fully, dont forget the USA sent several missions to orbit the moon first, and then send one to land, and to what end, people have already been there, so you can't be the first, there's no life and moon rock has already been brought back

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Climate Changer
A Hoax, I doubt it. The Russians could easily exposed it, and discredit the the US Internaltional.

why I think we haven't gone back

Answer 1
humanrace wise - been there done that!

Answer 2
No Oil!, No Point! -
If there was a resource we needed on the moon, there would be national flags all over it by now.

Answer 3
like so many things
Once you're there its great, but its no worth the hassle of the trip.

Answer 4
Apollo was really riskly, the first moonlander, nearly failed to take off the surface of the moon. Apollo13 was touch and go for NASA, getting the crew back was both amazing and lucky.

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Does it matter
i think they did walk on the moon but as there was jack s**t there decided it wasn't worth going back a bit like Wales

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They found out it wasn't made of cheese.

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it all happened in Nevada deserts

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Frank M
Nobody was there to argue with of fight war with

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You can see a step by step rebuttal of the ridiculous 'Hoax' claims on several science sites - try Dr Phil's Bad Astronomy for a good one.
As to why we have not been back, I actually heard an explanation from the horses mouth, as it were, from a former Scientific adviser to the President of the USA. NASA scrapped further Apollo missions to concentrate resources on their next big project, the shuttle fleet. Having achieved what they perceived as the objective of Project Apollo, to get to the moon before the USSR, they saw little point in further exploration. It was costing 125 million dollars (in 70's money) to send each man to the moon. They decided that the best place, commercially and scientifically, to focus on was low Earth orbit. I sort of agree, but feel there was plenty of science left to do on the moon.
But we have learnt plenty from the experiments done on the surface and the samples returned. That's one thing the hoax people forget, the scientific data from the moon missions is in the public domain. You can do research with it. You couldn't fake that - you'd have to pay off every University, every research student in the field, in the entire world! (Including me!)

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because it costs too much money to get there plus there is nothing of any worth on the moon now that they have been there. its a dead planet and not worth bothering with

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conspiracy theory....there was a time when people were proving who had the best technology...does the cold war ring any bells? and as for us not going back, have you been watching the news lately? we cant afford to with all the wars we've gotten ourselves into...NASA's funding has gone down significantly...i just don't get why it's so hard for people to believe that we went to the moon!

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1969. I still remember watching the television reports on moon landing. This is true and not a hoax. Let us give credit to the incredible technological achievement of NASA scientists and all others who were involved in this mission.No other country has been able to develop technological ability to repeat this event. Hence no one has done it since then.

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They have been on the moon since. They even drove a little dune buggy. There is no reason to go back to the moon so they are spending the money on projects that may help us out in the future.

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