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 Do we have a similar law to this US one in the UK?
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 Is it illegal for some people to say the goverment says a religion is a cult when it isn't?
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 Why is Marijuana not legal?
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 My son has Mild Cerebal Palsy,I dont wanna call it Malpractice,so what can I call it so that I may sue???
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 Do you think marijunana should be legal?
synthetic cocain, herion, meth and other drugs are.
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 A handgun in the house?
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 War and terrorism are still existing today. When do we experience worldwide peace?
Peace towards others or peace within ourselves?...

 Why is that in the usa the legal age for drinking is 21 while in ALL OVER THE WORLD the age is 18 yo?

 Help! MA roommate with no lease laws - How can I evict him?
He never signed a lease because he didn't have a job, so I am the only name on the lease. He's been completely disrespectful (drank all my alcohol and didn't replace, seems to have ...

 If someone broke into my house what am I supposed to do?
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 Who also thinks that the 2nd Amendment of the USA Constitution (re right to bear arms) is outdated?
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2. Legislation is rightly and frequently updated in countries all around the world (including USA) to keep ...

 Is it illegal to tell a employee that they are not allowed to take bathroom breaks?
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 Hello I am 14 years old and I am just wandering if it is legal for my mom to have men over to spend the night.
Is ther some kind of law or right I reserve to prevent men my mom has over from spending the night at my house?...

 I stole form a bad person... Does this make me a bad person too? He's a jerk and I took his 30 GB Video Ipod..
This has been on my mind for months now, it happened a few weeks before school ended.

We were eating lunch and he just walks up to us and picks a fight with my friend, but my friend is ...

 Do you think smoking in public places should be banned in your city?

 Why is it more of a crime to harm an animal than to hurt a human?
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 How long do you get for manslaughter

 I was called a black n at my job about 5 times by a guy who said that to me before i reported him twice and?
nothing has been done about the guy still works here should i stop working here or should i get a lawyer i am a full time student and a vet this is the only way i can feed my family by working here ...

I think a co-worker is trying to get me fired?
I work in a small office with little supervision. One of my co-workers recently went to my boss and stated that I was harassing her.
Last week I noticed that she was inputting data into the system wrong and causing the data on my reports to be messed-up. I asked her very nicely to look at something for me and she immediately got defensive and snippy towards me. It was never my intent to make her upset, but just to bring to her attention that she was doing something wrong (constructive criticism).
My boss called me into her office and asked that I sign a form saying she talked to me about harassing a co-worker. I refused because I did nothing wrong. I got very emotional and asked that the three of use talk about what is really going on.
Our employer has been doing some cut-backs and downsize, I feel that she is threatened by me, gets short with me because I am 20 years younger than her, and she feels that she would be the next asked to leave if it came down to it.
Any thoughts?
Additional Details
My boss sees it as harassment because she doesn't understand our work processes and doesn't see how it matters were data is entered. Stupid , I know...I had to point out at our meeting that it does matter.

The thing is, I really like my job and I don't want to leave. I worked very hard to get where I am at. I do more than my fair share of work, always help out etc. and I think that is what really upsets my co-worker.

I do not want a harassment document in my record! I did exactly what I was told to do...if you see an error, address the issue with the person who made it, do not take it to your manager first.

I have to work with this person, there's no way around it.

I am upset that my manger wanted me to sign that paper before she even heard my side.

I really like the tape recorder suggestion. It might be what my manger needs in order to see what's is really going on.

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Annie your co-worker feels threaten by you because she has less talent than you do the best thing to do avoid this co-worker as much as possible and make a note of her movement in and out of your area each day remember she's younger than you are and very insecure.

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I would suggest informing your boss on her behavior so that she is aware of it..false accusations of harassment are serious so this woman needs to watch it or she will get herself fired( no loss to you I'm sure:P) however it is your boss who has the final say on dismissals so I wouldn't worry...unfortunately for this older lady when downsizing is an issue it is usually the older, higher paid people that go first...it is sad but it's the world we live in..good luck.

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Several suggestions:

First, send a memo to your boss about all this, explaining why you deny harassing your co-worker and spelling out what happened.
Second, ask your boss what you should do in future if the same situation comes up. If your reports are being messed up, you need to respond somehow, and if your boss wants you to avoid interacting with the co-worker, maybe you need to go to the boss.
Third, your suggestion for a three-way sitdown is excellent--keep pushing and in fact make a written request. Open communication does wonders.

Your boss sounds as if she/he doesn't want to confront the issues, although it is part of every supervisor's job. You are off to an excellent start in addressing the issue--hope these ideas are helpful.

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address man
That's a rough one. You seem sincere. Did you do something that could be perceived as harrasment although you may have thought it innocent?

Harrased her how? Please add some more details and I can give you a better answer.

EDIT: Accept my apology. When you said harrassment, I thought you meant she accused you of harrassment and THEN you corrected her about some data entry stuff unrelated to the harrassment. I didn't think you meant that was the harrassment. Honestly, I thought it was something else entirely.

Let me put this bluntly. Your co-worker is F-O-S. If what you're saying is true it sounds like you are trying to do your job and she's reacting in a defensive and childish manner. Your boss sounds like a real winner too; not knowing what the process is for the correct entry of data in an office they run.

I'm a jazz musician and I've had to work office jobs to get by. In one case I did freelance audio work for a cable network had the same type of co-worker; she didn't like any of us freelancers but would never say why. I'm convinced it was because she was threatened we could be hired to take her job. Really it was because they didn't want to pay benefits and the project was a short one! It was pretty brutal working in that environment. In the music business we refer to this as being "vibed" by someone; it means they're shooting daggers our way and we're not even sure what we did!

I will say this; in re-reading I see it is you who are younger. I don't know how young you are but it could be that your approach to this person is a bit strong and she's perceiving it as "Who is this youngster to question my job performance." Even though I'm sure you're right, a change in tone might help.

I really don't think you ought to be fired over this. You seem very sincere. The three of you need to sit down and talk it out.

Good luck. Try to make a friend. I know its hard.

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Jamie C
I think that you all need to get together in a small meeting with just the 3 of you to talk out the issue! It sounds like you are not in the best working environment right now, and you guys need to work it out!

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no she may feel threatened by you... she may feel very passionite about her job or thinks she is better... dont take it personally just stay clear and talk to your boss when she makes a mistake

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Well it sounds as if she has already got a leg up on you by talking with your boss and accusing you of harrasment.

Without knowing the whole story, or better yet both sides of the story, I can not comment to much but if I were in your position this is what I would do.

Instead of going to her to confront her mistakes, take them to your boss. At the very least you are showing that she is not very good at whatever you are doing.

2nd if you can prove that she is messing up on purpose so that your reports look wrong, bring that up with the boss as well.

Lastly I would, as you did, request a meeting between the three of you. I have found that when you confront individuals that you know are lying, its pretty easy to catch them in that lie with some well placed questions. She may get some details or items wrong that she originally complained about giving you the ammo you need to go on the offensive.

Whatever you do, do not do nothing. Don't sit there and hope that things will work themselves out because they will not.

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hmm . . .well any person afraid of something happening gets very angry if someone such as you tell someone that they are doing something wrong. So shes basically using the slight little constructive critism to go against you so you'll be fired. And yes I too believe she is quite threatened by you and unable to overthrow you with the ability to work harder she decided to make you look bad. Take my advise stick to your own work and keep your ideas to yourself. It might seem crude but hey you don't want to get fired and also watch your back.

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This is a tough situation because, if you sign the paper, you are saying that you are at risk for this employee to tattle every time she gets a bee in her bonnet.

However, by not signing doesn't save you either. Your boss simply put the paper in your employee file with a refuse to sign note on it. Doesn't mean you are still not implicated.

I like your idea that the three of you talk and explain the work environment feels hostile if you simply cannot help another employee at his/her job without the employee taking it personal.

Perhaps you can reflect objectively on how your approached the employee and see if there was reason for the employee to be upset.

If you truly cannot resolve the matter and the company is downsizing, perhaps this is a good time to submit some resumes. Perhaps a better job is out there for you and this is fate nudging you along.

Take Care.

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it sounds to me like maybe she is. the best thing you can do is watch yourself and your actions. also talk to your boss and maybe make an official complaint as she has done. if you are sure her harassment claims are unwarranted you have nothing to worry about, although it does suck to have a coworker behaving like this, pretty childish of her if you ask me.

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try and get her fired, ur all happy then, apart from ur co-worker!

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report it to your manager

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Wrong Heaven
Wow! Sounds like you could be right. I think it would be the best thing to do if you could all sit down and discuss it. Hope it works out for you. I feel for you. I had something similar happen to me once. I ended up quitting because I was basically 'ganged up' on by jealous witches at one of my last jobs. It was a crummy job - doing much better now anyway!

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nora r
She's trying to get your job. I don't know if this will help or not, but if your boss is taking her side, go to your boss's boss and explain your situation. You could always try to get a transfer so you won't have to deal with her.

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I would talk to your boss again and have your coworker in the room. Or talk with the co-worker directly (have a taperecorder handy, haha) you never know!

Also keep up with everything, go to work early, do extra things, stay later, offer to do more. Whatever it takes if that job is really important to you.

If you can, ignore the coworker, don't ask her to do anything for you, work around her if you can.

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david k
Play the game. If she has access to your files, you have access to hers. If someone is after you , turn the tables and keep them busy covering their own ***.

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Your boss needs you to sign the paper, not as an admission of your guilt, but to prove that she took the proper steps for a harassment complaint. If she doesn't have the proof, your co-worker can sue the company for allowing it to continue.

You were right to point out your co-worker's mistake. If she continues to input data incorrectly, you need to bring it to your boss's attention. This isn't just about protecting yourself; it's about doing the right thing for the company.

Finally, it is wise to ask your boss to have a three-way conversation if you believe that the co-worker is trying to create problems for you. Your boss is an impartial third-party that can make a binding decision on both of you to defuse the situation.

I suggest that you keep running documentation on your work. If you need to speak with your co-worker, record the event, what you did, and the outcome. Even better, email your co-worker when she creates a problem. Having such records area huge asset if the situation blows out of proportion, or if your boss has to cut somebody.

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Ew... Trolls at the work place. That really sux. Counter file a complaint. Ask to be moved far away from her or vise versa. If she gets u canned, proove that she did this crap to u, and file a complaint with the EEOC... Contact a lawyer. The more ammo and support u have, the less she will mess with ya!

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